Be Supportive To A Special Needs Family

July 1, 2010 by  

Schedules are Important

Time Management is everything for a Special Needs Child

If you had medications every 1-2 hours, G-tube feeds every 4 hours, dressing changes everyday, physical therapy 3 times a week, occupational therapy 2 times a week, a tutor coming everyday, oh…wait don’t forget you have an appointment with the neurologist and physical medicine this week…and you have to be sure to order supplies this week. I almost forgot the respiratory company is coming to check on the O2 concentrator on Wednesday.

That is just one piece of the puzzle that some families have to deal with – who have special needs children.  Just put that on top of your schedule and if you have other children who have ball games and play dates.  Can you imagine?  Until you are in the shoes of someone who has a medical fragile child ….you just have no idea how much they go through and how much they have to deal with.

Schedules?  Essential for survival in this situation.  Their children’s lives revolve around schedules with medication, treatments and appointments. That is why a command center like I mentioned in my last post would be needed – or a centralized computer calendar or home calendar.

If you know of someone with a special needs child – if you are able, reach out to them…see if they need some help or just a supportive ear. They are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

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2 Responses to “Be Supportive To A Special Needs Family”
  1. KarenM says:

    Thank You for sharing this message, with our guy with aspergers, and now just learning about his diabetes it gets pretty hectic at times here. We need to juggle his schedule and try to find special times for the younger kids.

  2. Sandy says:

    It isn’t easy I know. I watched the struggles of so many families when I was the case manager for the peds home care cases.

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