Preparing for Medical Emergencies

July 6, 2010 by  

There are no warnings for medical emergencies

So how do you plan for an medical emergency ahead of time?  Well, you don’t necessarily plan for the actual event…but there are things you can do that can help during a medical transition.


First thing I am going to go over with you is having a list of everyone’s medications…including doses and concentrations with you.

When I answer phones in triage at the pediatricians office I work at, I can’t tell you how many people have no idea what medicines their children are on. They tell me to look it up in their chart.  Of course I can do that….but as a parent ….YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION!

The same goes for your spouse. Know what medicines he or she takes daily. Know the dose …if you can’t remember them …write them down and keep them in your purse.  Or you can keep a running list in your smart phone.  Easy to change and update….easy to access.


Make sure you know what allergies your children and your spouse have. If there are medications they are allergic to…KNOW THEM.  If you can’t remember….again keep a list in your purse or wallet …or you can have them in your smart phone.


This is the other item you need to know.  I had to answer when Dave’s last tetus was. I actually had to call my office yesterday and have one of my Dr. check my chart. Yes we are a peds office…but I keep an employee chart for myself. I also keep my hubbies info in there for an easy reference. Since I didn’t follow my own advice that I am giving …(I’ll admit it….)  I had to call and ask when his last tetanus was. I knew it was in the last 5 years…but I wanted to know for sure. I found out it was in 2008 and he did not need another one at the ER.

But this is something that you really should have available. All those school forms and camp forms you have to fill out.  You can be putting in those dates yourself when you send them to the Dr. office (we LOVE that!!)…then all we have to do is get the Dr. signature.  But it is great information to have at your fingertips and you will be amazed at how often it will come in handy.

Be prepared….hopefully you will never need the information for an emergency room….but you will be ready if you do.

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One Response to “Preparing for Medical Emergencies”
  1. Kelly says:

    This is EXACTLY why we got AboutOne! Any where I go, my phone goes, so when I land my happy self in an Emergency Room, I have every one of my kids or my husband’s medical info at my fingertips! Generally I’m with me, but if I’m unconscious (or worse) there’s a note behind my driver’s license with my access code. If they want a hard copy, I just borrow a computer and boom, there it is! Never again will I be left frantically trying to describe to my husband or neighbor exactly which file the kids immunization chart is in, because he sliced his foot climbing a chain link fence barefooted! Summer is here people, they do this stuff!

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