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We all have excuses as to why we can’t organize right?

Sure we do… anything to justify why our place is a mess.  Sound familiar?

I’m not saying some of your reasons are ligitimate…. I know there are always reasons why we can’t do things we would like to.  I’m right there with ya!  No…really!  I have been crazy busy with my blogs.  Do you think my house is perfect?  Think again… it is not.

But…like any excuses – they will only keep us from achieving our goal…if we keep believing them.

Here….let’s go over a few really good ones for why your house isn’t organized. Which is your favorite?

1) My life is just too busy to organize

2) My house isn’t big enough!

3) My husband or kids make all the mess

4) I can’t get rid of it…I AM going to use it….one day

5) I am going to lose all the weight this year so I can fit into those

6) It was a gift…I can’t get rid of it

7) It was too expensive just to get rid of.

8) It will be worth something ….someday

9) I don’t think it’s so bad – everyone just says that

10) There is just too much…I can’t do it!

Which one sounds most like your excuse?

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2 Responses to “Excuses…Excuses…Excuses”
  1. Jesse W. says:

    I have a mother who is a pack rat so I can stay somewhat organized but never as much as I want. By writing things down I can get more done but we never seem to have enough time.

  2. Sandy says:

    I know….you are right….having time to get things done is one of the biggest problems most of us have.

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