Launching Explore Ohio with Sandy Blog!

July 20, 2010 by  

Letting others know about places to visit in Ohio

I’ve lived in Ohio almost my entire life. Believe it or not there are still places I haven’t explored myself.  But there are a lot of little places around that I enjoy that I thought I wanted to let other people from Ohio know about.

Explore Ohio with Sandy will be my adventures with and without my family to places around Ohio. Some big….some just local businesses.  This will not be the end all be all site to everything in Ohio.  But I will link to several of those sites for references.  But this will be a lot of videos and actual visits to places so you can get a feel for what they really are like.

If you are from Ohio….I’d love for you to subscribe so you don’t miss anything.  Also…let me know if you have been to these places yourself…and what you think!!

I will also be having guest bloggers!  So if you have visited or are going to visit some places in Ohio…take some pictures, use your video camera and let us know about it!

Businesses will have an opportunity to place their photos in my slide show header.

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2 Responses to “Launching Explore Ohio with Sandy Blog!”
  1. Congrats Sandy! The site looks great, I really like the logo. I started a travel site too, but haven’t really officially launched it yet :)

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Katja! Somehow I am guessing your travel blog will span more than one state! ….or Continent! LOL

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