Baskets can Organize laundry for your kids

July 26, 2010 by  

Zillions of uses, fun colors…what’s not to love?

I saw these  laundry baskets at Walmart and loved the colors!!   They were only $2 each….SO ….I had to get them for the kids to help me organize their laundry!!

I picked out 5 of them, each in the kids colors.  (I color code my kids – I’ll do another post on that this week)  The experiment I wanted to try was to use them for their own laundry baskets.

Normally what I have been doing, is when laundry is completed,  I take it out of the dryer and fold/hang up the clothes. The folded clothes go into a big laundry basket.  Those baskets are carried up to the top of the stairs.

Once the laundry baskets are upstairs, then I sit down on the floor and sort the clothes into the kids separate cubbies that are at the top of the stairs. They then put them away.

I decided if I am ever lucky enough to move and have a larger laundry room or better yet…get to design it (such a wish!)….I wanted to have built in larger cubbies for each member of my family. Then I could fold and put into their cubbies and they carry them up themselves and put them away.

So….my alternative – take these baskets in the kids colors and sort their clothes into their baskets right out of the dryer.  Then they take their laundry basket up and put them away. This idea only costs $10! ($2 for 5 baskets)

Here is the key to making it work. They HAVE to put the clothes away and bring the basket right back down…so I have it for next time I do laundry. They already have a taller laundry hamper in their room that works for their dirty clothes…I want to keep these just for their clean ones.

Note: December 2010 – I had a reader let me know they were unable to find these baskets in their Walmart or online. I also looked and was unable. These might have been promotional for the back to school (college) push.  Let me know if you find them somewhere…. so we can let others know.  Thanks!

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7 Responses to “Baskets can Organize laundry for your kids”
  1. Denise says:

    I love the colors and what a great idea! I only have one kid, but I certainly hope that this works for you!

  2. Kristinia says:

    Love this post! These are too cute!

  3. Kati says:

    Those are cute too! Are they mini or full size baskets? I just bought the kids mini laundry totes at Target this past weekend…

  4. Sandy says:

    They are half the size of a full size basket..because they are square and not rectangle. They were in the section with college supplies.

  5. Becca says:

    I wish I had seen those when I was at Wal-Mart last weekend…they are sooo cool! :)

  6. Kamiko says:

    not trying to be funny, but a soon as us kids were big enough, we helped with the laundry. Mom and step daddy would go to the laundromat, when they came home it was family folding time. i am 1 of 14 kids, mom didn’t have time to fold all that laundry herself, except for the wee ones and poppa. when we hit teenage, momma made us do our own laundry. we were given a laundry schedule on the weekend, she did hers during the week.

  7. Sandy says:

    Wow, with 14 kids, your mom had to be resourceful!

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