Organizing for Conferences

August 9, 2010 by  

Or should I say organizing for Craziness!

I attended another blogging conference last week called Blogher.  It is a huge conference and was held in New York City.  I thought I was organized going into it….but soon found out that all of my best efforts still not enough to handle the craziness of this fun filled pack 4 days.

This is a conference that you have many unbelievably good teaching sessions going on, you have 2 levels of expo hall to go through and see all the Brands…and then you have the Brand parties.  Lots of them….overlapping times….subways and taxi’s away from each other…..the craziness.

There are some open parties that anyone attending the conference can go to. But most everything required RSVP’s.  Then you have the Brand parties that either you were invited to or another blogger was able to invite you to as a guest.

My schedule on Thursday was the worse.  Trying to decide what to go to, figuring out the times and the worse part of it is trying to get from one to another on time.  For the most part on the schedule I was on….I couldn’t get to everything I wanted.

I had printed out all the party invites and information.
I had mapped out the locations on paper
I had loaded all the addresses of each place I had to be in my Droid X phone to use the map feature
I had printed out a step by step list of times, locations of parties and times.

I am glad I did what I did…because without what I did…I never stood a chance.  But  even with all of that….I still felt kind of lost…overwhelmed.

I think I felt like I wasn’t fully in control of the situation….like I feel comfortable with.

Just saying that even with the best laid plans….sometimes we can still be overwhelmed  

Do you ever feel like that with situations?  Just wanted to let you know…you aren’t alone.

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