Organizing Kitchen cupboards

August 17, 2010 by  

Don’t you wish you had more cupboards in your kitchen?

I know I sure do! Insert SlideDeck So how do you organize those kitchen cupboards when you  have a small house with 7 people living in it? Believe me….I know it isn’t easy!   This cupboard looks ok now….but you should see it if one of the kids or my hubby puts dishes away.  The bowls aren’t stacked anymore….you might have that big yellow one on top of the smaller ones.

On the left…forget putting the lids in the slots they are supposed to be in and the plastic containers were they go. Aren’t you supposed to just throw them in that side?

Organizing can be really hard to maintain, especially if others aren’t as on board as you. It is all about the maintenance, but we aren’t going there today…today we are just talking about some ways to try and organize those cupboards.


I love using baskets in cupboards.  You can see the red ones up on the upper shelf.  That is a hard place to get to things and it is a narrower shelf, so it doesn’t hold as much.  Those baskets hold the other plastic containers and lids that you accumulate.  They make it very easy to pull the basket out and get to what you want. They help keep things confined so that it isn’t falling all over your cupboard…and they are inexpensive!

Do you use it?

If you find there are things in your cupboards that you haven’t used in ages ….or you don’t have a lid for it and because of that you don’t use it (and you will!!) then get rid of it.  Why should you use that precious space on items you don’t use anymore?  The general rule is if you have not used it for a year or more then get rid of it.

Organizing kitchen cupboards isn’t necessarily hard to do.  But keeping it that way can be what is hard for many.

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2 Responses to “Organizing Kitchen cupboards”
  1. Betty819 says:

    How do you keep your food storage container lids? I have many types..the ones that are by Glad are well marked in the lids..then there are those from Hillshire Farm that lunch meats came in, then there is Ziploc brand. The food containers for Glad are marked well in the bottom of the storage container. All the lids are thrown in one drawer and it’s like playing 52 pick-up when I need to match the correct lid to the container. There’s got to be an easier way for me to organize these. Maybe I’ll just give away the ones that aren’t easily recognized and that might solve the problem. Way too many anyway. There’s small rectangle storage containers,(9.5 oz) small round ones(1 c.size)which are great for keeping small amounts of leftovers, and the larger ones for larger amounts of leftovers. Any suggestions?

  2. Sandy says:

    My post on plastic storage may help. Generally we tend to keep WAY more plastic storage container than we really need.

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