Organizing Sports Schedules

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The Sports season is upon us…how do you organize your schedule with sports?  Or do you?

Johnstown Big Red Band

So it is not hard enough to deal with the crazy mornings before school?  But we can have equally if not more hectic schedules after school.

Sports Practices
Piano Lessons
Family time

Our time after school has turned into homework, sports practices and trying to squeeze dinner in there somewhere.

Johnstown football

My two older boys aren’t a problem…they are on self sufficient mode. T who is a senior has band after school, then does his homework (of which there “is no homework mom”….yeah sure.) and then takes off on his bike (small town) to hang out with his friends.

Ernie Reyes Karate Johnstown Ohio

D who is a junior has band, then runs in after band…grabs something to eat and takes off to teach karate at the karate school. He is also working towards his 3rd degree black belt.  I’m not sure when he is doing his homework, but I assume in the evening. He is a straight A student taking honors classes.

The triplets… the week we have them, I pick them up after school. We come in and they work on their homework if they have any. They are in 4th grade. One of them takes a little longer working on things and needs a little more repetition getting concepts down…so usually I work with him some. Then I have to get them something to eat..basically a dinner at about 4:30.  The boys have football at 5:30 – 8:00 2-3 nights a week and E has karate every night other than Friday and Sunday. (They are free to go as many nights as they want..but she wants to go and as long as you pay monthly and not per class…we figure lets get the most out of our money)  But she and her brothers are on what is called the XPT team …they are more advanced and use weapons and do demos places.  Right now they are purple belts.

On the night that they boys don’t have football they do karate.  Crazy huh?   Oh …and since my hubby is assistant coach on the football team, the week we don’t have the kids, he still picks up the boys and takes them to football and is gone those evening…and then the games are on the weekends.

One of the advantages of having triplets is that you can request them (the boys) to be on the same teams!  So at least we don’t have the problem many families do with different teams.  When E did cheer leading (all 3 years since Kindergarten..but she wanted to concentrate on karate this year) we did have that problem. She would be cheering at other games the same times the boys played. I would take her.

So…now that you have read the craziness of our household you might be wondering why the heck I am mentioning all this stuff.  I just want to let you know that I UNDERSTAND!!  LOL  The sports schedules we have no control of.  They can be crazy…. pictures were supposed to be the last 2 Saturdays but because the kids jerseys weren’t done…they got cancelled at the last minute.

So what do you do to keep the Schedules Organized?

All we can do is plan the best we can. Make a schedule for homework and dinner.  But realize that those might change and be flexible.

Make meals that can be eaten anytime (crock pot is great) or something that can heat up easily..that is the least amount of stress.  It is important to try and eat together as a family…but we different schedules sometimes that can’t happen every night.  So my suggestion would be to make that family time in the evening before bed…instead of watching TV.

School work is first priority. One of the triplets did not go to karate last night because we had work that he was not understanding and needed some extra time with.  I started working with him, but when DH got home from work then he took over and I took the other 2 kids to karate.  Yes…there were some tears, but we explained he wasn’t being punished…but school comes FIRST.

DH said he will be there early enough today today to pick them up from their moms before FB to make sure he has his school work done before he lets him go to FB practice.

Tell me your crazy schedules!  What are some things you do to keep life calmer during sports practices at your house?

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One Response to “Organizing Sports Schedules”
  1. LadySnow says:

    I new you were in Ohio, but I didn’t realize how close you live to me! We are in Mount Vernon. I did some of my education requirements for MVNU at Johnstown middle school back in the fall of 1998 I think.

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