Organizing a Work Bench

September 8, 2010 by  

Peg Board can be a big help in Organizing a Work bench

Dave built his own work bench for his Man Cave in the basement. He wanted to make sure he got just what he wanted.  It is sturdy and he wanted a peg board so he could hang his tools.

Man cave work benchOf course you can’t see it in this picture but he put a shelf below for storage and there is a small shelf that you can see right over the light.

But don’t you just love peg board?  I have it on the work bench we have in the garage. That was my work bench when Dave and I first got married. It was very organized at my other house…. but there was no man there at the time. So I could have all my tools right where I wanted them.

Dave has a system…even in the garage… but Kids happen – and tools go missing.

The good thing about his “man cave work bench” is that the kids are not allowed in this area at all.  Dave has reloading equipment, the guns lockers are there and he has tools. So it is a “No kid zone” and the kids know it.  So he doesn’t have the problem with his tools missing from this area…which he really likes.

But finding a place for each of your tools can be essential for being able to get  a job completed on time.

Isn’t this important for other areas of your life as well?

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