How To Organize A Workshop

September 9, 2010 by  

Dave has a system for organizing his tools in his Man Cave by using a Card Catalog

card catalogDave’s father was very systematic in his organizing techniques when he was alive. Dave has picked up some of his habits when it comes to his work areas.

This card Catalog Dave set up himself. It tells him where everything in his “Man Cave” work room is. ¬†Each item has it’s own index card with the location of where it can be found.

organizing drawersHe has all the little drawers labeled and his shelves labeled… so it makes it a simple system.

The key to making this work is to know where the item goes back to when you are finished using it or when you buy new. ¬†Also when putting something new into your area….you need to be sure to make a card for that item.

It can be a wonderful system…. but it does take attention and maintenance to make it run smoothly and consistently.

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