External Hard drive by Hitachi Review

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Do you use an External Hard drive to back up your work?

Life Studio by HitachiKind of cool looking isn’t it?  This is the LifeStudio Plus mobile external hard drive by Hitachi.  See the little flash drive (integrated USB key to be precise) on the front? That holds 4GB worth of pictures or whatever you need on the go.  That has a magnet that attaches it. You can load what you want to it and carry it with you.  You’ll see more of it on the video I did. I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of writing… to really appreciate what neat things this can do (other than save your data of course….) watch my video.

Hitachi worked together with Cooliris to get that 3D wall! That is my absolute favorite thing! This has more capabilities than just being able to get a neat 3D wall of pictures though. You can access not only Facebook, Picasa, Flickr etc.. but it also organizes your pictures, music, videos etc….

I also love that I can carry around the main hard drive….just throw it in my backpack and go to conferences etc.  I like the conviences and how easy it is to back up, once you are set up.  Very impressive!

Notes: I did have a little bit of a hard time setting this up. But keep in mind I am very technically challenged (lol) and this was a beta version I received….so I wouldn’t worry about having troubles yourself.  Also….I am not sure if what I received was the final package – but when I first opened the box, I couldn’t find the smaller flash drive (key that goes on front).  It was still inside the box. I opened it wrong and what should have been a flip open lid with the key showing…ended up being inside the box and I spotted it when I went looking for the key.  (Again…might be different on the final version).

The cost depends on how much memory you want. You can the LifeStudio mobile Plus drive with 320GB for around $120.00, with 500GB for about $140 or go up to the Desk Drive and go up to 2TB for $220.00 Not bad… because it is more than just an external hard drive.

Disclosure: I did receive this from Hitachi without cost. The opinions, video and pictures are all my own.

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2 Responses to “External Hard drive by Hitachi Review”
  1. Melinda says:

    Wow I love that application for viewing Facebook pictures. What a cool gadget for no more $ than a typical external hard drive. I’m such a tech geek I want one now. :) My external drive seems so boring now.

  2. Sandy says:

    I know!! It is so cool.

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