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Organizer’s Love to Label!

DYMO labelmaker

This Dymo 260 LabelManger Electronic Label Maker is a handheld labeler. One of the things that I love about it is that it uses a rechargeable lithium battery!! There is a portable wall plug so that you can charge as you go. (love this feature!).
There are 3 fonts and 6 different text styles. Another really nice feature is that you can print up to 9 copies of the same label & there is a memory feature.
The DYMO LabelManager 260P uses the DYMO D1 labels in either 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ widths.
It is uses what an “ABC keyboard layout (this is the part I don’t care for, but other people may find it easier). But I do like that it is a nice hand held size.  That makes it very portable and easy to throw in a work bag.

You can purchase it in many retail stores or find the DYMO LabelManager 260P Label Maker on the site for $65.99.

I mean seriously, what organizer doesn’t like to label?  But does it mean you have to be an organizer to use this. Of course not.  But if you are wanting to sort your things out, wanting to find things easier – this makes a great way to do it.

Any kind of labels work great.  This is just a luxurious way to do it!  It makes things look a little more professional, it is great for anything business.  The one thing I have found with this kind of label that can be a bit of a problems is that they often do not stick well to other plastics. Those plastic bins we use in the basement or garage for storage. They tend to peel up and fall off.  So I suggest reinforcing them with clear packing tape.

Disclosure: I was given this DYMO label maker for no charge. The picture and video are my own, along with my opinion.

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