Decreasing the load – Decreasing the stress

September 29, 2010 by  

Do you take on too much?

Are you stressed because you take on too much yourself?  Think you are wonder woman and can do it all?  If you realize you have taken on more than you can handle, how do you decrease that load?

We all go through the same thing –

*We don’t want to let people down
* We don’t want to look like we are quitting
* We want people to think we CAN do it all. lol
* We want to be a great wife & mom

BUT – if we spread ourselves too thin, then no one gains anything from us. We will end up exhausted, stressed and not a happy camper.

I had to make some of those decisions myself.  I took on a college Photoshop class.  I was really excited about it. I did an on line class because I didn’t think there was any way for me to make all the in room classes with my travel schedule.  I figured the online class was videos of the actual classroom sessions that we would see the instructors going over everything.  But you do it on your own time. Wrong!  I have an instructor, someone I can email questions to. They have a written schedule of what projects and quizzes are due and when and what chapters I have to read in the book and when. But…. that is it. The book is the teacher. It goes step by step through how to use photoshop.


I was really stressing yesterday because they sent me the wrong software and I didn’t get the new one until I got back from NC.  So I was already a week behind schedule.  Then looking at getting through 2 chapters (long ones) and going page by page trying to match what it said would look like compared to what it actually looked like on my computer – realizing that not only was I having to learn this, but I had to know all the details of what things were called for tests.  Stress was mounting.

Then I thought – why am I doing this?  Yes I want to learn photoshop. Yes I have the book that goes step by step… yes I also now have the software…. but why do I need to have tests and projects due when I don’t need the credit hours for college?  Plus of course the money I paid for the course to essentially do it on my own without a teacher anyway?

I made the decision to drop the class. I think I can still get a full refund. I have the software and the book, so I can still learn photoshop.  I might try again later with another class….but this time I will be sure to do a class that I can actually sit in and have an instructor instruct me!.

What have you taken on that is too much?  What can you decrease to take off some of the stress?

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2 Responses to “Decreasing the load – Decreasing the stress”
  1. Kim S. says:


    If I might make a suggestion….I don’t know what it is you are wanting to learn to do in Photoshop, but I took some on-line courses over at & was absolutely THRILLED with them. She teaches mainly digital scrapbooking skills, but I took so much more than that away from the courses. She also has a course designed to teach how to enhance photos in Photoshop and how to restore old photographs. The classes are VERY reasonably priced & once you purchase the course you have access to the on-line video instruction forever. Plus, you get the added benefit of an on-line message board where others who have taken the courses discuss and show off what they have learned. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

  2. Sandy says:

    thanks for the suggestion Kim! I’ll look into it.

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