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Working to Erase Teacher Funded Classrooms

A day Made BetterI was thrilled to be included as a Max Mom in the Office Max campaign to help make a Day Better for a deserving teacher!  They realize that teachers have to spend a lot of their own money for classroom supplies – either because the school district can’t afford to help or the actual students aren’t able to purchase what they need.  They have a goal of erasing the teacher funded classrooms!

A Day Made Better

I was given an opportunity to either have a contest on my blog so that my readers could nominate a teacher they felt was deserving… or I could present it to a local teacher.  I knew immediately what I was going to do.  A teacher and a dear friend of mine deserved it more than any other teacher I could think of.  For what she has endured this year with a severe injury and her constant drive and determination to make things better for her students (many of which are disadvantaged) … this was a “no Brainer” for me.

I really wanted to present this to her in her classroom, but I just couldn’t work it out.  Debbie had invited a big group of people over for a bonfire at her house and I took the opportunity along with a couple of the other ladies who came inside to present this to her at her home.

Disclosure:  Office Max provide the $100 gift card, T-shirt and rubber band balls for me to give to a teacher for the “A Day Made Better” campaign.  I chose to also give Debbie the Avery gift basket (that I added a Build a Bear, water bottle and some other odds and ends that I got a swag at conferences) that was sent to me to review on my blog.

Working to Erase Teacher Funded Classrooms

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