Organizing: Stay in your Target Zone!

October 26, 2010 by  

What does it mean to Stay in your Target Zone?

When you are organizing a room, a space or even a junk drawer – your “Target Zone” is that area you are organizing.

Everytime you walk out of that space – you are taking a chance of not walking back into it! Why?  Sometimes because being in that space you are organizing is very overwhelming. If you walk away from it, then you are taking the chance that you will talk yourself into not going back in!

But what will more than likely happen is that you will walk into another room and see things in that room that need to be taken care of.  Usually when you have psyched yourself into finally tackling your clutter problem…then you are gun ho to get moving…and you will look at everything in your home with a different eye.  Believe me…. it happens!

The other big reason is because you lose valuable time running each and every item to the room it goes to.  Instead of taking 2-4 minutes to run each item down to the basement or out to the garage – just set that item into the pile where it belongs.  It might be in the black trash bag, or the white donate bag.  Maybe it is an item that you are going to store, or it may be an item that just needs to be moved to another room.  But by putting it in the pile, you will save that time. Then at the end you use a 1/2 hour and take it all and put it where it goes.  This is a good time to utilize your family to help you get all the things where they should go.

I have another post about Staying in Your Target
You will be amazed at how this simple step can help to keep your focused on the project at hand.

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