Dymo 450 Twin Turbo LabelWriter Review

October 27, 2010 by  

Lot’s of Mail and Shipping? Then you might want to pay attention

dymo twin labelerThis convenient gadget – The Dymo 450 Twin Turbo LabelWriter or cool twin labeler for short – can print out your postage, mailing labels, and any other labels you want to make. Like name badges or labels for storage containers.

dymo twin 1Here is what came with it. There are also the cords that plug into the labeler. One goes from the labeler to the computer and the other one plug into power.  I have to admit that I wish there was an on and off switch on the unit. I have to bend way back and down to plug it into my power strip and its a bit of a pain.

The lights turn blue and blink – the little pearly button under where the label comes out. I thought at first that was the power off switch, so I pushed it and a blank label popped out.

dymo twin screenI loaded the CD disc into my computer and downloaded the software. It wasn’t hard. Believe me.. when it comes to anything techie..I’ll be the one to mess it up. So if I say it is easy…you can believe me.

After it is loaded.. I just double clicked (I have a Mac) on the icon on the sidebar and it came to this page.  You pick which way you want to format your label by picking which one you like. Write in what you want…. here I wrote ” Organize with Sandy”.  Then you hit the “Print” button in the bottom right hand corner.. and wa -la..

dymo twin labelerSimple as that. It really is simple.  You can get different size labels. You can see how wide of one you can get from the size of the slot.

For the postage from what I read you have to download it …but be sure to use the Dymo postage because it is free. The other one is not. But I have not done the postage download myself..

To be honest, as cool as this is – I’m not sure how much I will use it.  The main postage I use is for sending out my products. I just use the Paypal labels. It is set up… pulls the money out of my paypal account – and prints.

I don’t have to go load up my Dymo account for postage.

But if you do a lot of shipping or other things that you would use a desk labeler frequently… I think this could be great! It is a nice size – it looks really slick….it isn’t noisy and it works really cool. It cost

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One Response to “Dymo 450 Twin Turbo LabelWriter Review”
  1. karen M says:

    So much easier than using label programs, which are really time consuming. I want to see if I can your Dymo visit and we can have a label party :)

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