Kitchen Cupboard Organization

November 3, 2010 by  

Simple solutions can make much needed room

Kathys kitchen

Organizing your kitchen cupboards can be made easier with extra space. We are always wanting it, but may not have the resources to remodel our kitchens. Here are a few ideas that don’t have to be expensive. I’m getting the ideas from my Sister’s kitchen (which I would die for!!) but these cabinet ideas can be used in any kitchen cupboards.

You can’t see all of Sis’s kitchen in this picture.  There is another area behind me that also has counter, sink, cupboards.  (You’ll see that in another post)  She’ll want me to let you know that things were still not all put away from the party she had last night for my Dad’s 80th birthday – usually the counters are clear.

But I did want to show you some other ideas for storage.  Many of us can’t have kitchens this deluxe, but there might be some simple solutions that you can do to your own cupboards that can increase your storage space.

kitchen storageThis cupboard is on the backside of her island.  But look at all the extra shelves that were built. You see so many of this size cupboard that are all open – or they may have a small half shelf in the back.  But this gives all kinds of extra storage. All those platters and trays that can be so hard to put away.

kathys kitchenHere is another one that the shelves are more spaced out to accommodate the taller items. I would guess these are adjustable shelves, although this picture doesn’t show the holes.

kathy kitchenHere is another example. These are some extra dishes she has – not her everyday dishes.

kathy kitchenHere is another idea that you can use in your cabinets.  This pull out wire drawer works well to be able to store smaller things and still be able to get to them.  But that space above is not wasted!  Then if you have taller items there is still room in front of the shelves for those.

If you are having custom cabinets made be sure to keep these ideas in mind.  Make sure they make holes so that your shelves are adjustable.

Check your cabinets. Most cabinets do have adjustable shelves.  USE them!  You can make more room in your cabinets.  If you know someone even a little handy it wouldn’t take much to make extra shelves. Just good measuring and a couple of shelf holders that you can get at your local hardware store and you are in business.

Even if you aren’t able to have a kitchen this big and nice… you can find extra storage in your cabinets by making extra shelves.

More ideas from Sis’s kitchen coming up later this week!

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