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Organize those Extra Dishes

kitchen storageMy Sis also has some solutions for her extra dishes that she wants to keep.  I would never need as many sets of dishes as she has, but she does a lot of entertaining, and I would venture to say that she uses most of what she keeps at one point or another.  She is not a “saver” of things she doesn’t need – our Dad ingrained that in us early.

This is a stand up cabinet. I am not sure where she got it, but if I had to guess and knowing my sister she more than likely found it some place fairly inexpensively and then did the painting and distress look on it herself.

If you have the space to have some neat pieces that can store extra things, you can more than likely find them at second hand stores, garage sales if you are looking for a cost effective solution.

extra kitchen storageThis is a piece that matches her kitchen. The granite top is the same and the cabinets are the same, so I’m sure she had this made when her kitchen was being remodeled. This piece is out in her dining room. It serves as a storage place for her china, extra dishes and also works to place food or drinks on while entertaining.  Something to think about if you have the room and you are remodeling your kitchen. See how much it would cost to have them make you a matching piece for your dining room.

kitchen storageHere is another piece that my Sister actually has in her front entryway.  But I do remember this piece in her old house and she had it in her kitchen area. I didn’t open the doors or drawers to see what was in it, but my guess is that there is extra storage being used for wine glasses and accessories.  You could use this for table clothes, place mats and items you don’t use everyday also.

Just some ideas to get you thinking…

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