Kitchen Remodel

November 8, 2010 by  

It Really Needed To Be Done

kitchen beforeYou might be thinking, “Well… that doesn’t look bad”.  (Or you might be thinking… OMG she is right.. She HAD to redo it).  Actually when I look at this picture I don’t feel a kitchen remodel had to be done either.  But there are things you can’t see in this picture…. but look below and you’ll see more!

kitchen before with missing drawerNotice the missing drawer to the right of the dishwasher?  I used the space for the bottled water… Why not use that space right?  The cabinets were made out of melamine, not wood. There were a couple other doors that had small cracks on them. The kids like to open them and while they make things in the kitchen I’ve seen them put their knee or foot on as a prop. Or lean on them… This stuff isnt’ that sturdy.

melamine cabinet warped doorThis cupboard door was warped from the heat of the toaster below.  If you look close you can also see where the edge if peeling at the inside bottom left of that same door.  There were a lot of edges doing that on the drawers and cabinets.

These are things that need to be taken care of before you can put a house on the market. Especially THIS housing market.  We aren’t planning to move right away. We are thinking about it for 2012 after my step son graduates.  We would move up to our farm (and that kitchen needs to be remodeled too!)

But we thought we might as well do it now and get a little enjoyment out of it ourselves.  Oh… our disposal also decided to die.  We have been wanting a deeper sink. This one is like the cheapest one you could put in a house.. It wasn’t deep at all.  So… new sink, new disposal… you might as well do the rest of the kitchen right?

kitchen remodel samplesHere are the samples of what I am going to use in my kitchen.  My dream kitchen would have cherry cabinets and granite counter tops. But… this isn’t my dream kitchen.  With it being a galley style kitchen, it is narrow and we knew we couldn’t go very dark. It would make it look too small.

You can see the maple cabinets we are getting. The counter sample is a laminent from Wilsonart. The tile it sits on is the back splash.

I called in a friend and fantastic house builder and he also does remodeling too. Jerry Brand of Brand Homes to the rescue!  I know I can trust him and I know he does quality work.

It is hard to tell what your kitchen will look like… these are the only samples I have to go with. Hoping I like it.

It is all being done this week… so I’ll take you along with me to see it step by step.

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4 Responses to “Kitchen Remodel”
  1. So awesome, Sandy! These samples look beautiful. I can’t wait to see the “after” photos. So cool that you’re doing it now. I hate to see renovations done simply to sell – you should definitely get some enjoyment out of it!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Mary… hoping it turns out ok.

  3. Can’t wait to see when it’s done!

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks… the big reveal will be on Monday!

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