Kitchen Remodel – Preparing the Space

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Clearing and Cleaning

kitchen remodel prepI needed to make space to clear out every cabinet for my kitchen remodel…l I mean …. EVERY cabinet in your kitchen!  I don’t know about you, but I do not have a very big house.  I knew I would need every bin and surface that I had for several days.  Here is my dining room…. ready to go.  I am going to use the chair seats also… to put things on.

kitchen remodel So it can now look something like this mess!!   The only possible thing organized at all is that I have my coffee put set up (not in this pic) on the left corner… along with a toaster and cutting board. So I can make my coffee in the am.  Hubby and kids can make toast…. the cereal is there too.  So at least we can have those couple of luxuries while we have no kitchen.

bucket of soapy waterNow.. get a bucket of soapy water.  Unless you are a fantastic cleaner (and I am not! I can organize.. but I’ve said before, I have never claimed or will ever claim to be a great cleaner) you will have some serious cleaning to do.  Get that step stool out and clean out the cupboards.

You may not have to if your cupboards are being scrapped. But my builder Jerry Brand of Brand Homes has been volunteering to help turn a barn into a home for a woman who has MS.  He is going to take my old cupboards and use some of them in her kitchen.  So I had some cleaning to do.  I’m sure they will still need more cleaning than what I did… but clean the shelves and outsides if so.

When they pull out your stove and dishwasher, refrigerator … just wait to see what that floor looks like!  Also the side of my stove was a mess. Obviously things had dripped down between the counter and my stove. Ewww!

kitchen cabinetsHaving white cabinets is not advisible if you have 5 kids at home.  I still have to clean these.  …. and that filty microwave! Yuck.

So before you do a remodeling job… plan where all your things are going to go.  Get ready to do some cleaning… and get ready to not have a kitchen sink for awhile.

Disclosure:  This project is not being sponsored in any way.

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