Kitchen Remodel – Cupboards are In

November 11, 2010 by  

Yeah, my Kitchen Isn’t So Bare Now

kitchen remodel cupboardsSo what do you think?  This kitchen remodel is coming along isn’t it?  Do you like my new cupboards?  I do.. and that is what matters since I have to see them everyday! So… I’m glad I like them.  I actually love cherry. But with a small kitchen, and one we probably won’t be in for more than another year or so, I went with the maple.

kitchen remodel cupboardsHere is the other side.  I still have no sink to use. We are eating out mostly – thank goodness Dave’s kids are with their mom this week. That is helpful.  But having no sink or water in your kitchen really throws ya.

Yes I can pour that bowl of cereal and eat it, but then to rinse the bowl out…. I have to use the bathroom sink. Of course I have to make sure there are no food particles in it. So I have a nice little bin with dirty dishes that can’t wait to be washed!

The cupboards are configured the same way. The one thing I have noticed is that my drawers are different. I had 3 drawers before. Now I have 4. You might think… oh good more drawers. They are in the same amount of space. I had my silverware in the top drawer. Then the 2nd drawer down was our bread drawer, the 3rd drawer was the cookies and snack food. Now I have 3 thinner drawers and only 1 big one. I will have to rethink this. What I should do is just get rid of all the cookies and junk and then I wouldn’t have a problem…. we would all lose weight and the world would be a perfect place. LOL  Oh yeah… like that will ever happen.  (Believe me, if it does I will be blogging about it!)

Jerry from Brand Homes is doing a great job on my kitchen so far… Thanks Jerry & Mike

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