Get Organized for Black Friday Shopping

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The Sales Are Coming.. Are You Ready?

How many of you like to do the “combat” shopping my husband calls it?

Black Friday

I do!!  I have gone Black Friday shopping most years and think of it as fun.  I go alone… I have my list….and my plan in place.

To be successful I think you have to do your homework.

1) Have your list made out of what you want to buy
*No impulse buying when everyone is grabbing a deal

2) Have your BF ads together. (or use your smart phone to access your saved online BF store ads)
*The crowds can over whelm you, mix you up and make you forget things… have them marked and ready to go.

3) Know your plan of attack.
*Which store will you go to first?
*What time does each store open?
*Which stores match prices of items at your other store?

4) Grab your mug of coffee (and I suggest adding a packet of Cold Stone Creamery Cocoa to it..oh yum) or Hot Cocoa and get ready to either head out really early….or stay up really late from the night before.

One of the things I have done the last couple of years (last year I did online BF shopping only...but other than that) was to go to Walmart on the Wednesday before BF.  I knew what I was planning to buy and found out where it was in that store.  Then I would use the other store ads to get that item at the lowest price and purchase it at Walmart.

One year I went to an all night Walmart an hour before their BF sale started. All their specials were in the middle rows covered with black plastic. But most of the items I wanted were not at their sale. I went around filling my cart with items that other stores had on sale (and I had their ad with me) and got all the door buster prices!  I have to admit that the woman at the register wasn’t too happy with me. She called over a manager, but the manager ok’d everything. I had exact items, I was there during the right times and none of my ads listed % off…they were all actual pricing.

Here are my other Black Friday posts from the last 2 years

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You have to watch ads now though, some say no price matching during Door Buster pricing.  I haven’t looked this year.  But I will be checking things out online this year.

Here are a couple Brands and products that you should keep your eye out for.  I’m thinking you should watch your Walmart BF ad to see if they are going to be in there and if so… I recommend these Brands.

Seagate Go Flex Hard Drive
Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker
Elmers Products

Disclosure: The Brands that I mentioned are all clients of Collective Bias.  I was not asked to mention any of these Brands in my post and I do not know for sure if any of them will be in the BF ads – but I do like their products and will be watching out for them myself on Friday.  I just wanted to let you in on that. I am also the community leader for the Cold Stone Creamery Hot Cocoa group in CB.  That one is just a no brainer for me to mention, because I’ve been drinking it myself everyday.. duh!

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One Response to “Get Organized for Black Friday Shopping”
  1. adrian says:

    The price matching idea is very clever to use during BF, well worth the hassel of a grumpy clerk. Good for you. I was going to do BF this year, but we are having a cold snap of below zero temps, so I think I’ll just do the online thing.

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