Thanksgiving is about being Thankful

November 24, 2010 by  

Do you really think about that?

thanksgiving platterAre you ready for Thanksgiving?  Do you think about being thankful at Thanksgiving…. or all the stresses that come with Thanksgiving.  It is coming up fast.  Are you having Thanksgiving dinner at your home… or are you going to someone else’s home?  Traveling?  With kids?  Flying or driving?

Thanksgiving can bring it’s own set of stresses.  Fixing the perfect meal for all of the family, decorating the house and the table, cleaning and planning… on top of all the other things you do.

But the one thing about Thanksgiving that is nice is that it is about being Thankful.  Sometimes we forget that because we are so lost in trying to making the “perfect Thanksgiving” for the in laws, or your parents, your kids or friends.  There may be family problems that you have to deal with…. worring that Aunt Jessy and Uncle Cleo don’t have a fight at the table.  It may be financial problems, and feeding a whole house full is expensive!

Stresses shouldn’t overtake what Thanksgiving is about.  To be Thankful.. Be Thankful for your Family (even if Aunt Jessy and Uncle Cleo have a fight) be Thankful that you have a home to have family over.. be thankful that you have your family!

Life is short… too short – and we need to be thankful for everyday we have here. Everyday that our family is here.  We never know when one of our loved ones can be taken from us…  Just be Thankful.

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