Decluttering Toys Before Christmas

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Where Will All The New Toys Go?


If you declutter the kids toys before Christmas hits – it is much easier to find places for the new toys after Christmas.

I had someone make a comment this week that prompted this post.  She said that she will have to find room for all the new toys that will be coming in at Christmas.

I’m sure that is how many of you think when you think of all the new toys, etc… that come in.  Toys from Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles and of course you.

It is a simple solution, but not one that many people do. It can also be hard to do…. want to know what it is?

Here you go….  Get rid of toys NOW…. and make more room.  Simple as that.

One in – One out!  But do it ahead of time…. get the “Out”  ….out now and it will make bringing in the “In” much easier.

The advantage there is to clearing out the older toys now is that there hopefully will be some other children that will benefit from it on their Christmas morning!

Decluttering the Toys

Go through the kids toys (personally I prefer to do it when my kids aren’t home – I’ve never yet had them be upset because I got rid of a toy) and clear out toys they don’t use.

* If you have a toy box – look at the bottom.
* Get rid of broken toys (don’t donate those please – it just makes more work for the people who volunteer when they have to throw it away).
* Stuffed animals usually always need to be cleaned out.
* Be careful not to keep a toy just because you know what was spent on it. Keep it only if they really play with it still.
* Try to decrease by as many toys as you can estimate that are coming in.

It can be hard – but it is necessary if you want to keep a handle on the amount of “stuff” in your house.

But also keep in mind  that kids get overwhelmed by too much stuff.  We might think that you can’t have too many toys – but in a child’s eye – that is their “stuff”… their “clutter”.  So… think to yourself how you feel when there is too much “stuff” around… why would we think that a child wouldn’t feel the same when there are too many toys around?

Less is more – It doesn’t mean you are a bad parent if you don’t have as many toys as your neighbor… honest!

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13 Responses to “Decluttering Toys Before Christmas”
  1. Gilda says:

    I find that now is the perfect time to get rid of extra unused not played with toys. It’s the season of sharing and giving and even if you do clean out toys with your kids at home (which I have always done, they are 4 and 2), it makes it meaningful to them that they’re donating toys to those who don’t might not have much or be getting any for Christmas. I haven’t run into any issues, and sometimes they’re more willing to get rid of toys that I think they actually may want to keep, because they also know they’re going to be getting some nice new stuff just around the corner.

  2. Sandy says:

    I love that. With my step kids – they have helped me and are real good at donating. My boys (that are older now)… I just did the clean outs when they weren’t there.. because it was just easier for me. They knew I dontated things and never complained.
    I have seen some of my clients try to do it with their kids… and their kids have said no to everything… and then the moms wouldn’t give up anything.

  3. Leanne says:

    I totally agree. We went through the toys right after Thanksgiving. It’s turned into a tradition. You have some great tips. THanks for linking to We’re Organized Wednesday. I’ll be featuring this tomorrow. You can grab a featured button if you’d like.

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks Leanne!

  5. Heather S says:

    I definitely wouldn’t choose which toys are being donated or thrown away without the children home. As you said, the toys are their stuff; I would never want someone choosing which stuff of mine to donate or throw away, so why would I give them less respect?
    Just my two cents,

  6. I have posted on this VERY same subject! I absolutely agree!

    See my post below!

    Becky B.

  7. Sandy says:

    Thanks Becky. I am going to be starting a link party next week…. would love to see you link up! I’m thinking I’m going to have it on Wednesdays.

  8. Jeana says:

    Just found you over at Saturday Mornings! I can tell I’m gonna LOVE it here! Anything to get more organized!

  9. Christa says:

    Thanks for linking this up Sandy. So glad to have found your site! My girls are in the playroom doing this exact thing as I speak!

  10. Sandy says:

    yea!! I’d love if you would take some pictures and share!

  11. Rick says:

    You can donate old toys or sporting goods to a business/office for people to pick up, free. At the moment, one drop off point at North London, England.

  12. Sandy says:

    Thanks Rick – Do you have places like “Good Will” or other large donation facilities in England? May be a dumb question, but have never looked into it since I live in the states.

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