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Are your Closet Shelves Over Flowing with Hats and Gloves?

closet before Do your hats and gloves need organizing?  This has been a frustration for me.  With 7 people in this house… we have many hats and gloves… and not just in the winter.  We have the ball caps in the summer too. (fuzzy pic, but I took it awhile ago)

I still don’t feel like I have the best system down for all this mess….but I’ll show you a few things I have done.

closet organized Here is one solution.  Use baskets to organize the hats and gloves.  This works pretty well for the ball caps.  However… a couple things that I didn’t like with this idea.  Stacking the baskets didn’t work at all.  No one is going to take the time to actually reach up and lift the top basket off to put anything away.  Plus this is not a good option for younger kids who can’t reach.    The cubby’s are a possible solution to this.

cubbysWe use these for a catch all option for the kids as you come into the house.  They can be used for the hats and gloves.. and they do- along with all kinds of other things.  Keep in mind this was right after I cleaned them completely out last week.

This is my latest attempt to organize these pesky hats and gloves.

hat and glove organizing I have this hung at the landing of the basement stairs.  Since we have such a small entry area and small hall closet, we have issues with book bags and  coats too.

hat and glove organizing
This is the view looking from the top of the basement steps.
bin for bookbags I have tried hooks inside the closet door for the book bags and coats. As the kids get older the book bags are just too heavy for the hooks now.  Since they always want to throw their book bags on the floor anyway…I am just trying to help them a bit by having a big bin for them to put their book bags in.

coat hooksWe have hooks on the wall for extra coats.

This basket is another tool I use to help with the clutter and stuff that have to go downstairs.


This is not for the kids to put hats and gloves in. This is for me to use. Small things that have to go down to the basement go in here. Then I grab the basket on my way down to the basement and can put them away.

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11 Responses to “Organizing hats and gloves”
  1. Michell says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Love the idea of putting the gloves and hats in the shoe holder! My home is SUPER small and no storage areas this will work great for me in the hall closet.

  2. Sandy says:

    Awesome! I love when one of my ideas helps someone.

  3. pammypam says:

    OMG i think you just solved ALL of my problems! thank YOU!!!!!!

  4. Sandy says:

    cool. Take some before and after pictures if you do something with them!! I’d love to see them.

  5. That’s a great idea for gloves! We don’t have this problem here in So. Cal. but I’m sure I would have to come up with something clever! I like it!

    Becky B.

  6. Toni says:

    I love the glove organizing. I will def. utilize this.

  7. Sandy says:

    Thanks Toni.. gloves can be such a pain! Half the battle is trying to keep 2 of them. lol

  8. Thanks for linking up at A Home Made by Kiki! We used to use our over the door shoe organizer for gloves, but then my daughter got old enough to have her own collection of flip flops and they just took over! Now I just keep each of our most commonly used gloves in the pockets of our coats and the extras in the basket on the shelf!

  9. Roz says:

    Hi Sandy, As you asked, I have just added my Fresh Clean and Pure Friday get-together to your Monday linky. I didn’t know if I should add a link-up to a link-up. Hope that makes sense? But I am commenting here, because I saw one of your photos on the top of your blog that had all of your gloves and hats organized. I love the size that is perfect for those items and was wondering if you lead me to the store/web-site where I can pick one up. Even in the South, it gets very cold at night in Jan and Feb. so I have gloves, hats, and scarves that are just falling all over the one closet that we have for this stuff!

    I just love your site! PS: That’s so funny about your mother’s dog’s name! :-D

  10. Sandy says:

    Yes.. that is just a clear shoe organizer that hangs on a door. You can get them at any Target, Walmart etc.. Thanks for linking up!!

  11. Ati says:

    very nice idea about gloves…thanks

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