Sandy’s Kitchen Cupboard Organization

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See how I organize my Kitchen Cupboards

I thought I’d show you how I organized my kitchen cupboards since my remodel.  They are now sorted, cleaned and in the proper place.  Let my kids and husband put dishes away a few times…and they won’t look as neat – but that is part of what we deal with.

kitchen cabinet

Our plans are to remodel the kitchen at our farm next and move there in another year.  Going through this kitchen remodel was necessary in order to sell this house… but I’m glad we did it when we did. We will get to enjoy it for a little bit before we move.

When I went through my things as I cleaned out the cabinets and also as I was putting things back in, I had time to look at each item.  I went through the same thought process that I teach you and my clients.  Do I need it?  Do I use it?  Is it worth keeping and taking up valuable space?

I didn’t take a lot of time on each item, I moved quick…and did end up with a box of things to donate.

With my plastics, I made sure I had lids that fit the bowls. If there was a lid without a bowl….or a storage container without a lid …then it is outta here.

I don’t use expensive organizational products, I like using baskets to help separate items and keep things neat.  I can find those at the dollar store… so yeah for that.  You don’t have to have  highfalutin things to be able to organize… use your imagination.

You got to see my kitchen freshly organized… by the way I do use my counter tops.  I know some people like to have completely bare counter tops… Not me. I don’t like too much up there, but our toaster gets used daily, the coffee put is out, my kitchen knives and kitchen utensils  sit on my counter.

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One Response to “Sandy’s Kitchen Cupboard Organization”
  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Sandy! Thanks for the note. Will link up my organization blog at the appropriate place. Love having all the encouragement.

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