Dymo Desktop 360D Label Manager Review

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Organizers Love Labels!

dymo desk managerI explained last week how labeling  your office at work can really benefit you. I used the Dymo Rechargeable Desktop Label Maker that I was sent.  Let me tell you about the actual label maker

dymo desktopIt came with 3/4″ tape, an ion battery pack and wall charger, along with the label maker of course.

Here is the cartridge that you use.

The Li-ion battery just fits down in the bottom without any problem.  So once it is charged it holds the charge so you don’t have to keep it plugged in or worry about it eating up your batteries.

dymo deskWhen you first turn it on you have to do some simple programming. But I left it like it was and it was just fine.

I like how clear and easy the screen was to see.  I liked that the set up was simple. One of the things I didn’t like was that to use the caps you hit the alt button to go to caps… but then you have to hit it again to turn it off. I tried holding it just to press the letter… and that didn’t work. You still had to hit it again to turn it off. That was a bit annoying.

dymo deskThe print button was easy to see and that was nice.  But every time I wanted to print it asked me how many copies I wanted.  So I had to hit the print button a 2nd time every time.

Once I hit the print button I couldn’t find the label at first. lol It came out the back.  Not sure why they did it that way. This is meant for a desk, so you have to reach behind to find the label. Or lift the unit up to see it.

But if you have a short word like the word “cord” it is hard to even get to. It comes out a little curled and lays against the machine..so you have to get the edge of it underneath. Remember… this is the back, so the whole time you are lifting it up to get to it.

I love the cutter.  It is on the side (where I think the tape should be coming out too) and just presses down nice and easy. It cuts it nice and clean.

The print is nice and bold and looks good.

This is also another nice feature. The tape is split on the back so you can easily feel off the backing. My other older labeler that I still love has a little tool that you have to “curl” the tape to get the edge lose from the label to peel (does that make any sense?)

Looks good!

The “Income” on the left ended up the size I needed it, but the “expenses” was a little long. Rather than cut the edges I just stuck it around the corner.

I decided to try them on my cubbys. I wasn’t sure that they would stick, but I decided to try.

But alas… a couple days later…

Just as I thought…. it didn’t stick.  But this was also fabric, so I can’t complain that it didn’t stick.

But the edges of the “expenses” also did not stay stuck either.

But this one stayed stuck without any problems.

Here are my honest thoughts over all.

1) I liked the side of the desktop manager labeler.
2) I liked the ease of set up and use
3) I liked the print and the look of it.
4) I like the cutter
5) I like the split back of the label for ease of peeling
6) I like the Ion battery and that it also has a wall plug

1) I don’t like that the caps has to be hit x2 to turn off/on
2) There wasn’t a “-” sign. If there was, I couldn’t find it with ease
3) I didn’t like that the label came out the back, it was hard to get to
4) I didn’t like that I had to hit print twice to by pass the “number of copies”
5) I don’t like the cost of the refill tapes.  The 1/2″ was $19.00 and the 3/4″ was $26.50.  If you are working in an office, and the business is paying for it, that might be one thing…but so often we like to have these label makers at home and I know that would be over my budget to use.

Keep in mind that I did not study the owners manual.  There more than likely are ways to take care of many of the issues I had problems with the caps, the “-” sign etc..  but I don’t like to look at the instructions on purpose when I do a review. I want to see how easy things work without having to spend a lot of time reading.

Would I recommend this for an office. I more than likely would not…. and the main reason would be because the label comes out the back and it is hard to get to. I think most of the other issues more than likely can be solved… but for a unit that is meant to sit on a desk, to have to reach behind to get the label.. and most cases I had to lift the unit up to see what I was doing to find it and reach it.  In my opinion this was a poor set up in the design.

Disclosure: I was given this Dymo label maker to review and I am also being compensated for the post. The pictures are my own and the opinions are my own.

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