Reorganizing My Office “After”

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The Next Step – Putting My Office Back Together Again

Yesterday I showed you my office that was too crowded and messy.  I didn’t use it because I like to sit with my feet up when I am on the computer most of the day. I wanted to figure out a solution.

I had my boys move my big furniture. Got rid of the 2nd desk, a book shelf and a file cabinet. Then…. I went shopping!

I drove the 2 hours down to the Ikea store in Cincinnati Ohio. Wow…. that store is overwhelming. I got my Expedit 5×5 wall unit and a couple other items and was a happy camper. I was even happier because it was marked down to $179.00 instead of $199.00 because it was the only color left.

Now to have my son put it together.  You need a big space to do it as it has to lay down to put together.

Ikea expedit shelfIt took him about an hour to put it all together.  That thing is heavy! It came in 3 big boxes and total of the 3 boxes was 214#.

Ikea expedit shelfI was so glad he helped me.  But we would have to wait for Dave to get home to put it in the office.  Dave drove to our farm and picked up my chair for my office.  It was all coming together.

Ikea Expedit shelfOk.. we have it in. My chair is in place.  I know… this looks very odd right now.  And actually it will not be your typical office when it is finished either.

Next up is to make the 3 plastic drawer bins I got at the Ikea Store to go in my shelf unit. they cost $9.99 each.

ikea instructionsIf you have never purchased anything at Ikea before, just realize that the instructions are by picture only. There are no words.  Personally I felt like it was a bit of a puzzle to figure out. You have to look for little markings they have on the pieces to be sure which side to put where.

Ikea drawerIt all just snaps together. Nothing really hard about it, but the first one took a little longer to figure it out.

They fit just perfect in the shelf.

Ikea expedit drawerI already had all the green and pink cubbys.  That green one didn’t stay there. I did a lot of playing around with where I wanted things.

Still looks very strange doesn’t it?  See the pink strips on the wall behind my chair.  We took those off the wall and moved them. They are magnetic strips. (luv them) I know my chair does not match my hot pink/lime green color scheme.. at all. But I had the chair, it fit and I’m using it. (couldn’t afford to go buy a new one… and even to recover it was going to be really expensive) So… I can’t have everything perfect you know.

I put one of the cubby units that I had on the back of my desk… over against the far wall in between the desk and the wall. It seemed kind of strange. The wall is angled there and the desk was not able to go flush against it. There was this space there that was driving me crazy.. because it seemed unusable.  I decided to try this… and it is working out great.  I had 2 cubby units. One was 3 cubby’s high and the other was 4 high. The one with 3 cubby’s is on the bottom and just comes a little bit above the desk. Then I stacked the other one on top of that.

cubby units

So this is how it turned out. The cubbys below the desk still work for items that we don’t need very often. Yes… you have to lean under the desk to get them, but the space is being used  – and they are items that we don’t need often.

cubbysThe other cubby unit I used on top of the file cabinet on the other wall. It will holds all of the pouchees and card cubby’s that I sell.


I got this ottoman to put underneath the window.  I have one of these in my family room and really like it. I got it at Target for $79.00.  Oh bum! I just looked online to get you the link for this ottoman from Target… and it is on sale for $59!


I wanted this for a couple of reasons. I wanted something that would fit underneath the window sill. Something that would provide some seating if I needed it and the main reason I wanted it…. was to house my new electric throw that my husband bought me for Christmas.  I also have 2 other blankets in there.  We have 2 dogs…. and 5 kids at home.  Do you think that my throws are ever without dog hair because kids get them out and lay on the floor in front of the TV?  Nope… but now, I have my own blankets in my own office…. hee hee

electricSee?  I didn’t fold it up, I just tossed it in and took the picture.  (I usually keep it plugged in and then I can just grab it and pull it over to my chair – like I am right now as I write this with my blanket on!)

Now for the finished look.  Keep in mind… this is not your conventional office!  This is modified for me so that I can keep my feet up while I work.  I love it! This is a look from the door way.

Here is a little closer view. I had the painting of the egg shells that my sister did for me years ago. I decided to hang it. It actually has the pastel lime green, pink and almost a burgundy color in it.  lol  Trying to bring my strange colors together.

So… I will sit in the chair and I have everything there I need to run my office.  I’ll go into detail in another blog.

Here is a view from the other angle.

You must remember.  I am very practical.  Would I ever put this set up in a clients house?  No, not unless they asked for it.  But I would try to accommodate their needs.

What I’d like to do.. is to put up some shelves above the desk.  And shelves to the left of the desk instead of the cubby units.  But, I spent my budget and already had the cubby’s.

I am not making my office to be a showcase room.  I am making it to be “my office” and what I want it to be.  If I had a place to put the kids computer, I would actually have that out of here too.  But when I am working, the kids usually are not in here.

Your Mission if you chose to take it is: Put your office back together! lol

If you aren’t able to completely reorganize your office or our office desk area, what is your vision for your perfect office?

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11 Responses to “Reorganizing My Office “After””
  1. Just clicked over from Tip Me Tuesday and realized that this is YOUR blog! I bought pouchees from you a couple of Christmases ago for all my friends. We all still love them and all still use them. Rock on! And great office re-do.

  2. Sandy says:

    LOL Thank you!!

  3. Roberta says:

    Great job! Don’t you just love these bookcases from IKEA…they just hold so much and you can personalize them with all the different baskets and bins. Plus the fact that they are just so sturdy you can maximize your vertical space. btw…was able to read your full post in Google Reader…cool beans ;) Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks Roberta! I changed it just for you! I had been told at a blogging conference to never have full feed… BUT… in a forum I put that question out and like 99% of the ppl who responded said absolutely full feed. Thanks!

  5. Leanne says:

    I love the finished room and that it’s functional for you. I think the colors are so cheerful. Thanks for linking to We’re Organized Wednesday.

  6. What a wonderful room! I wish I had that storage unit from IKEA! Love all the colors you used too!

    New follower now! I linked up at organize your stuff now!


  7. Sandy says:

    Thanks… I have wanted one for so long and until I got rid of the other desk, book shelf and file cabinet I didn’t have the room for it. So reorganizing it… has been great!

  8. Mel says:

    I am loving those shelves….I’ve actually got some great ideas for my closet, based on your guidelines in removing the clutter from there and adding shelves. Plus, I’m thinking I could put some ribbon rollers and hanging boards under my shelves to help me organize ribbon, scrapbook supplies, etc., free up some drawer space. I’m loving the colors in your office too; bright, cheerful, and energetic, exactly what an office needs.

  9. Sandy says:

    Thanks Mel… you are so sweet!

  10. Mel says:

    Oh, and we have that same ottoman in our living room….I love it; we keep blankets in it; makes for great storage.

  11. Sandy says:

    I love it! We have a 2nd one in our family room too. Same thing.. blankets. You can tell we both live where it gets cold can’t you?

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