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Sell things out of your home online?

I do, many of you know I sell pouchees and Card Cubby’s out of my home. I did not invent them (yeah.. I wish), they are both products that I have found that I love and wanted to be able to share with others.

pouchee and card cubbysIf you do sell something out of your home at craft fairs or directly online, you need a place to store them and a system when someone puts in an order for them.

Since I had a 2nd 4×2 shelf cubby units to use, I decided to move it  to on top of my file cabinet. It is out of the way, doesn’t take up valuable floor space and I think looks kind of cute.

pouchee and card cubby storageThis is the other part of my set up. This is directly across from where the pouchees are.


When I get an order I have a pretty simple routine that I follow.

Step 1: Print out order

I print out the order as I see it (so I don’t forget it in a stream of other emails)  I have a lap top and even if I’m not hooked up to my printer – I hit to print and it stores it until I plug in.


Step 2: Pick out the pouchees or Card Cubby’s that were ordered.

I like to keep the sorted by color – these are some of the cotton pouchees


I also keep them organized by style – these are some of the Outback collection

outback pouchees

And I keep the Card Cubby’s in their own section.

card cubby

Step 3: Get a padded envelope to mail

I can use a small one if it is only one of the items. If any more than that I use the bigger size.

padded envelops

Step 4: Pick up the Copy of the order, the packing slip and the shipping label that were printed.

Put those with the order and envelope.

pouchee and card cubby

Step 5: Prepare the order to be shipped.

I have this little unit ready to go with everything I need to get my order out the door.

office supplies

I have my pens and a couple sharpies in the little cute buckets

pencil bucketsTape and stapler (even though I have a tape and stapler for the kids and also one by my chair….. it is all about convenience  and placement.  It is so much easier not to have to jump up and down to do something you do frequently.

office suppliesI have my labels that I use on the cards with my reorder information on it.

address labelsI also have packing tape, scissors and a staple remover close at hand.

office supplies

I got these cute little tins with another little unit I have. They work great for my business cards and also the shipping confirmations.

business cards

If I can’t get to an order right away, I will still make sure I have that item in stock and pull it and set it here so that I don’t over sell a certain item.

card cubby

Step 6: Document the sale to keep track of your income.

I have used a receipt book in the past, and realized I was duplicating my efforts. (I will still use it for private sales not online or craft shows if I do any this year) This year I am taking the paypal order form and filing it in my “income” folder.  I document them each month in my spreadsheet. More about that on another post.

income folderStep 7: Mail

I try my best to get the orders out either the same day they are ordered or the very next day. Of course that can’t always happen, but I know when I order something I don’t like to wait.. so I do my best to not have my customer wait.

Watch for my pouchee and Card Cubby post coming soon on how to organize your purse.  You can also see a good testimonial on the pouchee from Toni of A Bowl Full of Lemons. She has been really pleased with the pouchee that I gave her. She gave me some pointers on photoshop in exchange.

Just so you know… I have restocked my pouchee supply and lowered my price!  You can find them in my pouchee and Card Cubby Store

Your Mission if you chose to take it is: Organize Your Home Sales System!

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