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My Office Chair is Unconventional

I set up my new office with a recliner – for me to use! It isn’t just to decorate the office. Working long hours on the computer I need to keep my feet up.
office chair

I wasn’t using the office much at all. I was sitting in the family room on the couch to work. But of course I didn’t have everything I need for it to flow as smoothly as I would like.

I decided pretty spur of the moment that I wanted to over haul the office…. I sat down and worked out a plan on paper. Moved out the 2nd desk, a file cabinet and a tall bookshelf.  Then went to Ikea and bought the wall unit.   Now I can sit in my “command center” and work and have my feet up.

I’ll take you on a tour:

officeIf you have seen my other blog posts, you will realize that I have a strange set up.  When I decided what I was doing, I had my husband bring back the recliner from our farm. I used to have it in my living room, but when Dave and his kids moved in, the small living room needed to become our dining room. So there was no place for the chair.. until now.   I know it looks cramped in there, and like I said.. this isn’t for “looks” or to keep up with the “Jones”  this is purely for functionality.

Here is the other view.  I have a 2nd computer screen that my laptop hooks up to, so I can work on 2 screens.  My external hard drive is there.  I have my organizing business file trays in the corner.

See my magnetic strips that I mounted on the side of the desk?
magnetic stripsAren’t those fun?  I had them on the wall, but with this set up I needed to move them.
computer monitorHere is the computer monitor that I attach to my laptop. I LOVE being able to use this now.  I never had it set up before… it is awesome!

Now.. I am going to sit in the chair and show you what I see from this view.
office windowI love being able to sit and look out the front window!!

If I look to the right.. I can see out the french doors to what is happening by the front door.


If I look to the left, I have the Ikea Wall unit right there.  I have everything where I can get to it.  I have changed some things up, but that is all part of learning what works and being flexible.

I also mentioned to you that my husband bought me an electric throw blanket for Christmas?  The one in the picture isn’t it, I use that for some back support on this chair – but the electric one I keep in the storage bench under the window.

So I can sit in my chair, looking out the window at the snow, working…. with my electric blanket keeping me warm. I also wear my “blogging gloves” as the kids call them. My hands get cold when I’m working in the winter.  Can it get better than that?

electric blanket

Yeah… I like my new office set up. Can you tell?  Offices don’t have to be by the book. It is ok to think out of the box.  It is ok to not have the office that every Good Housekeeping magazine would want to feature.  What is important… is that it works for you.

You need to have a system that fits your needs.  Ergonomics is important.   Everyone is different.  I don’t think you’d find too many people that would want my set up. But I love it!

Your Mission if you chose to take it is: Show Me Your Office Chair!

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2 Responses to “Office Chair”
  1. I have to say I am really enjoying this series. I love what you’re doing with your office and I am so jealous! I have got to seriously start putting some effort into finding some neat organizational tools. I love the pink and green colors too. Really brightens everything up. Those colors would really be motivating for me!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Ellen! I love the fun colors. Wish my chair matched my office… but I’m not going to worry too much about that. lol

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