Label Those Cables!

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Labeling all those Cables Can help You to Keep Them Organized

labeling cables

We can make life so much less complicated by just a few little things. Take for instance labeling all those cables and electrical cords we have all over the place!

I have used several different methods.  One that I have used for a long time are these little clips that clip onto the cord and then you write on the label.

cord labels

But there have been 2 problems with this method of labeling.  The biggest problem I had was that they would come unclipped. The second problem is that the sticker falls off, like this one did (and was stuck back on)

cords 49

The other tried and true method is using a sticky label. This works well and is cheap.  The problem is that it does get ragged and eventually will tear.

cords 48

I was relabeling my cords when I was organizing and decided instead of the sticker labels like in the photo directly above I would use a labeler (just to show my readers how sophisticated I am! LOL )

So I cut off all the new labels that I made (like in the very top photo) and made nice printed ones with my label maker.  I used red tape, mainly because I don’t use it for much and I didn’t want to waste my white tape on this.

cordsThere.. doesn’t that look nice? I won’t go into what a pain it was to try and line up the tape so that both sides meet… and how you have to put a bunch of spaces before and after the wording so that the words are out showing.. and not wrapped around the cord, so that you can’t read it.  I also won’t mention unsticking and resticking it to try and not have wrinkles in it .. because it just looks so nice!

cords 51

Here is one before I took off the white label.  I wish I had just left the white labels on.  You know why?


Because within a couple of hours… look at what happened to my nice labels! They are ALL coming unstuck!! Are you kidding me?  I used a lot of that tape (which isn’t cheap I might add)  Arrgghhh…


Since I was working with the duct tape by now (after I did this project) I decided to make labels out of the bright duct tape.

That label isn’t going any place!  It is easy to write on… sticks well and easy to read. I think it would take years before it would tear off!


In conclusion:

Label your cords to make life easier
Don’t use a labeler
Make life easy – buy a roll of bright duct tape. You will have all the cord labels you will ever need and you won’t have to worry about it tearing off or falling off.

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