Organizing the Freezer

How Does Organizing Your Freezer & Chris Mann Go In The Same Post?

You’ll See…

Now that we have the refrigerator finished…. of course the freeze is next.

I did it at the same time as the refrig, but the post would have been too long! lol

Here is my little freezer!  Messy…. and packed.


The top is usually the family food and if I have food just for me, example Lean Cuisine then I put them on the bottom.


Here is the bottom shelf


Here is the freezer door.  Frozen veggies, baking soda that is past it’s date.

freezer door

You know what we do next don’t you?

Take everything out!

freezer food

You need to go through and see what has freezer burn or something that you know you know you won’t eat.

Here is the empty…. dirty freezer


You can take the self out, but the top shelf wasn’t so bad… so I just wiped it down and got some good soapy water to clean out the bottom.

Also clean out the door.

freezer door

I realized that I didn’t take any pictures of the clean empty freezer…. Oh well..

Time Out for a Chris Mann Commercial Break!!

Because he sings so freakin awesome I wanted to tell you all!

Ok… just a side note for all of you.  I have been listening to Chris Mann sing live on his #MannChat while I worked on this post. So I wanted to tell you about him.  If you don’t know who he is… omg.. you should.  Awesome singer.  He is one of the Warblers on Glee…. he just sang the theme song to that Lifetime show – A Beautiful Life on Lifetime about the solider who died.  He is also an awesome friend to a lot of bloggers.  He came to Blissdom 09 and sang for us and has been to several other events we have been at. He is always nice, poses for all the pictures we ask him to also. lol   The last time I got to see Chris was in NYC at Blogher. We had invited him to sing at a function that ended up getting canceled. But he ended up coming up to our small room party with about 15 ladies. Sang Happy Birthday To Courtney (@courtneydetroit) and just being the sweet self he is.  So here are some links to check him out yourself and you can become a Mann Fan!  Tell him I sent you if you stop by!

Chris Mann – Web Page and blog

Here is my last pic with him… of course I look like crapoloa…. but…he still looks hot as ever. Yeah… I can say that even though I’m old enough to be his mom (and I’ve talked to his mom too online) … cuz I’m not blind you know!

chris Mann

This post has been sponsored by me!  No… I didn’t get sponsored to say or post any of that. I just wanted to.

Ok… let’s get back to the freezer (boring stuff now huh? lol)  Chris…. has your freezer been cleaned out recently? #justsayin..

Back to your regular programing…

Oh yeah.. the Freezer –

Reassemble Your Freezer – Like with Like

I again decided to use these plastic baskets I found in the freezer too.

I put the meats in the top basket.. and see – you can pull it out and down and see what is in the back of your freezer!  I know this looks funny…. but I’m tipping it down so you can see in it.


The lower one has frozen fruit in it. I also put my cool whip in there, because I like it on my fruit.


I put a few things in my door.  The frozen vegetables and also my bag of cut up onions.  When I cut part of one for a recipe… I finish cutting it, or even if I have them and get all the yucky stuff out of the way at one time.  Then I separate it into 1/2 cup servings into little freezer bags…. take all those little freezer bags and put them into one big freezer bag. (If it is a really strong onion and I can smell it through that… I’ll put it into another freezer bag!)   Great for when you want to cook something fast that takes onions.

frozen onions

Then I opened up a new box of baking soda

baking soda

Took off the lid and put it in my freezer.  I put the date on it so that I’d know when 3 months was up and to change it again (unlike I did on the last one that was in there)

baking soda in the freezer

Now I want to see YOUR Freezers! I also want to know how many of you checked out Chris Mann’s music!
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Organizing Mission Monday

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Organizing the Refrigerator

Refrigerators Can Get So Gross!

Have you had any science experiments growing in your refrigerator lately? lol

refrigeratorIt is so easy for things to get pushed to the back of the refrigerator and get lost.  I don’t have a side by side, my freezer is on top and our refrig. isn’t all that big. When the milk and big things are on the top shelf that is just over waist high, then it is harder to see down to the lower shelves to see what might be on the bottom.

Plus ours had gotten so dirty! Yuck!  I did wait until the refrig was pretty empty to take on this project.  It is not normally this bare!


You can see from this picture how some things are pushed way to the back. There is a pop can underneath the drawer and I’m not sure what is in that round container on the bottom in the back.  I don’t normally get back away from it on this level (like I am to get this picture)


Ok… fresh Parmesan cheese. That was from the beginning of December, wonder what the expiration is on that?


Looks like 2 open jars of applesauce. The mayo should be in the door.


Here is one of the things that drive me crazy.  I can’t get my hubby or kids to put lunch meat and cheese in the meat drawer.  Then they get pushed to the back of the refrig. and not found.

refrigeratorThen I open the drawer and see this – the cheese wrapper without any slices of cheese in it!  There is one underneath it.  For pete sakes… can’t anyone throw away an empty wrapper?  Do you have to deal with any of this at your house?


Here is the door.  I see duplicates …. it will feel so good to get this cleaned out.


Empty everything out of your refrigerator!  I suggest 1 shelf at a time.

This is the top shelf contents.


Check for Expiration Dates

Oh.. I’m not opening that to check it… would you?  It is what… 2 1/2 months old! lol

expired cream

Here is what I was left with on the top shelf after I purged what I didn’t need or was expired.


Pretty amazing huh?  No…. pretty bad!!   Good thing I waiting until the fridge was practically empty anyway.

So I kept going….  and cleaned and purged  the rest of my refrig.  This is actually good to do routinely before you go to the store (not clean the whole thing, but get rid of old things and make room before you leave, it helps you to see what you need and it eliminates stress when you are trying to fit everything into your small fridge and have to do it while your food is melting sitting on the counter.

Clean your refrigerator!

Look how gross this is!  Don’t just take a rag and clean it off !  You need to clean thoroughly!  ewwww!

dirty refrigerator

Take out those shelves… make a big sink full of soapy water… and go to it!


This way you can really clean it well!
Look at the difference from one that has been washed to what another shelf looks like pre-wash.Big difference!

refrigerator shelves

So pull out all the shelves and all the bins off the doors…. and then clean the rest of the refrigerator good too.

Warning…… Naked Refrig Alert!!  lol

empty refrigerator
Reassemble the Refrig and don’t forget that your shelves are adjustable!  You can decide where you want them.. it doesn’t have to be traditional.

adjustable shelves in refrigerator

You can use your tallest item (pop bottle, wine bottle) to check that you have at least one place that is tall enough in your arrangement of shelves.


You may have seen my lime green baskets I got at Old Time Pottery for my pantry.  I found red ones for my refrigerator too.  They are plastic, so they are washable. They have a handle, so you can pull them out easily. They came in different styles and sizes.
Old Time Pottery baskets

It just seemed to me that this might help take care of the problem of things getting stuck in the back of the refrigerator shelves…. (never to be seen again)

refrigerator baskets

It makes it really easy to just pull out the basket to see what is in the back of the shelf.

refrigerator basket

My only concern is that they “just fit”.  So if someone pulls them out, and doesn’t push them all the way back…. then the door might not close completely.  I will have to keep an eye on it… and might realize that I have to go back and get a smaller size.

refrigerator baskets

Here is the door of my refrigerator.  I like to keep the condiments and smaller items in the door.  Again, decide what heights you need your door shelves to be.  We don’t keep milk in the door, mainly because we generally have 3-4 gallons at a time in the fridge.  We go through on the average 1 gallon of milk daily.

refrigerator door

So…… what do you think?  Have you ever used baskets in your refrigerator?  This is a first for me I have to admit.  It is a trial and error kind of thing. I think I will like it… it makes sense. But we will see.
Your turn to organize your refrigerator!  I want to see what you have done.

The freezer is coming up tomorrow!

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Organizing Mission Monday

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Organize Your Pantry

Pantries Always Need Maintenance

Mine included!  I don’t have a problem organizing my pantry, but with 6 other people in the house, the problem is keeping it organized!

I have my own ideas of where things should be kept. The problem is, that the rest of my family have their own ideas too….. any open area of the pantry is open game IF they are going to put something back into it.

Here is what my pantry looked like:



Let’s look a little closer.  This is the upper level.  The medicine bins.  Notice off to the left? There is a loaf of bread! Wait…. we have a bread drawer. We don’t ever keep bread in the pantry (ugh)


If you look here you see a cereal box that is on the can rack, pancake syrup in a couple places, two bags of raisens..both opened! Drives me crazy. lol


As an organizer (for those of you who share my passion… or affliction will know how I feel) I have to realize that I can’t control everything in my house.  When I try and I can’t, it only brings frustration.

Here is the lower level down onto the floor.  What? You don’t keep your cereal on the floor?


Here is the plan of attack!  Clean Everything Out Of The Pantry


Go through and check expiration dates

I’ll bet you’ll find some expired items.  This one was expired Feb of 2010!

expired can

If you have baskets you want to group things together.  Like with like!

powdered drink mixes

It is ok to take things out of boxes if you need to save room.  We had lose Kool-Aides all over. We get bottled water for the kids for lunch and have the powdered individual drink mixes they can take if they want. I think we had like 4 different flavored boxes opened. So I but the correct flavors together and rubber-banded them together. Same with the Kool-aide and hot cocoa mixes
kool aide

I keep my some of my medicines in my pantry and I went through those too.  You can read my previous posts where I got rid of expired medications and labeled them and organized them.

Before you put anything back into the pantry, clean it!

cleaning the pantry

Decide how you can make some extra room in your pantry

I don’t have much room in my pantry. So I stretched what I had without having to spend a lot of money.  I have previously purchased extra shelves that I put on the floor


Also up on top of the top rack to use some of that extra space on top. You can see my “fix” on how to put wire rack on top of wire rack.  Of course I am not recommending this method… it is very crude, but I had the lids I wasn’t using and they worked.  It would be best to use a board over the shelf, but I had these at the time I did this and not a board.


You Don’t Have To Have The Perfect Designer Magazine Cover Pantry!

I LOVE the separate labeled jars and plastic tubs for everything when I see pictures of pantries. But for me, this is not a practical solution for my pantry (I’ve done it before – remember I’m 51 years old and I’ve already raised my 4 boys, so I have tried many different organizing techniques over the years) .

Why I Don’t Use Separate Labeled Storage Containers In My Pantry

1) I frequently had extra of something that didn’t fit into the jar (then you have a box or bag)
2) You buy a different kind of chip & don’t want to mix them, but you already have 2 jars with chips…so you now have the bag of chips too.
3) Moving those beautiful jars out of the pantry all the time to get things for the kids eventually means broken jars (I know!)
4) The family doesn’t appreciate the effort you put into separating items, and they will just shove everything into the pantry if they put groceries away.
5) Trying to keep it up is time consuming and other than the oohs and ahhs of my friends, it didn’t really fill a practical need – other than the feel good appearance it gave me.

I wanted to let you know… it is ok to leave your cereal in a box or bag... it is ok to leave your chips in a bag with a chip clip. You can still be organized without all the fancy.  Heck, you can use boxes  to make baskets like my green ones if you like.

Jars on the Counter
I am going to do is to get a couple jars for my counter for some of our daily use items. My husband’s oatmeal that he eats daily and the brown sugar he puts in it.  Also one for coffee and a cookie jar.  Maybe not the traditional flour and sugar, but I don’t bake a ton and I would rather have out the items we use frequently on my counter.

I am also going to make cute labels for the baskets. Again, you don’t have to do this step, and your labels don’t have to be fancy, but in general labels do help. (although many times you will just decide that no one in your family actually can read!) I’ll show you the labels once I get them done. I’m going to do them with chalkboard contact paper and chalk board markers I got.

I also use the sides of the walls.  To hang grilling utensils on the left wall and I have a baggie that I hang on the right wall for chip clips. (Again, I’m sure there is a much cuter solutions for this)

chip clip bag

I also have an over the door can holder that helps hold more cans.

Once you have cleaned the pantry and sorted the expired food out – Start reloading!

I purchased these baskets at Old Time Pottery. I spotted them and thought they’d be great. They are plastic so I can wash them. They have handles for easy pulling out and they are sturdy.  I paid $8.99 for the large ones down to $4.99 for small ones.  Plus I loved the colors!
Old Time Pottery baskets

As I was putting things back in, I tried several different arrangements with the baskets.  So don’t think there is one solution and one solution only!  I might even realize I don’t like having the baskets. It is all trial and error.

There will be times that you will realize after you have organized…. that the system you put in place just really isn’t working like you planned.  Don’t beat yourself up over it.  It happens to the best of us. Just redo it. No problem.


organizing pantry

I put the medications in a new basket along with the paper plates, plastic silverware and napkins. The things we don’t use or need to get to as often.

pantry organizing

Here is our cereal basket.

pantry organizing

I also made a snack basket.

organized pantry

I have used an extra shelf here, but this one hangs from the wire above.  It works great for cans to utilize that extra space.

organized cans

I have one of the smaller baskets that just holds the peanut butter and one of my favorites and my step son’s favorites… Marshmallow cream.  We normally have a larger jar of peanut butter, so this size isn’t too big.

organized pantry

I also used a basket on the ground for the bottled water for the kids lunches. I had previously purchased the clear smaller baskets with handles from The Container Store. I did have the medicines in them. I am using them for lunch snacks (fruit cups etc) and envelop mixes, Ramon Noodles and powdered drink mixes.

organized pantry

Again…. just to refresh….  BEFORE

cluttered pantry


organzied pantry


before pantry


organized pantry

Your turn to organize your pantry! I want to see what you have done.  And YES on those of you who do the ultimate organization for your pantry… I LOVE them and LOVE to look at them. I’m not saying the jars and containers are bad…. if they work for you and your family… more power to you (jealous) … but please share!!

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Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 15

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Organizing Your Pantries & Refrigerators This Week!

organizing mission monday

I’m going to show you this week how I used these baskets to organize both my pantry and my refrigerator! I also have some lime green ones….. hmmmm  Pantry I’m sure you can invision using these….but my refrigerator? You’ll just have to be watching this week.

plastic baskets

See My Featured Bloggers For This Week!

I want to share with you some of the neat organizing projects that had been submitted for my Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 14.  Thank you all for linking up last week.  (hopefully you’ll link up again this week!)

Julie from Angry Julie made the cutest arts and craft caddy

It started with this lazy susan she got from Ikea.

lazy susan from Angry Julie

A little spray paint, some screws and pails and she turned it into this!  Isn’t it darling?  I think she got inspiration from some other ones she saw that she has posted on her blog, but I like hers better than the other ones.

arts and craft caddy angry julieBe sure to stop by her blog to see her entire tutorial on how to make this art and craft caddy yourself.

Becky from Organizing Made Fun – Pantry Makeover (perfect for this week huh?)

Here is the door to her pantry. Cute blackboard too!

pantry from Organizing made fun

Look at this pantry! Looks wonderful!  Love the labels.

pantry from Organizing Made Fun

Be sure to stop by both of my featured bloggers today and give them some “comment love”

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Shopping Saturday – elfa pantry

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Need I Say More?


This is the elfa pantry system from The Container Store.  First of all I would like to have that large of a pantry, second… love the colors.  Hmmm…. I might be able to do something with the colors!

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Organize your Handbags and Purses

How To Organize All Those Handbags?

Are they over taking your closet?  Do you have a purse for every outfit or every pair of shoes?

Beth pursesDo you have an idea what my advice is going to be?   Yes….. you need to sort through them and purge them.

I want you to ask yourself these questions:

1) When was the last time you used it?
2) Do you LOVE it?
3) Is there anything wrong with it?
4) Do you really Need it?

Here is what I want you to do.

Beth purses

Make 4 piles:

1) Keep Pile –  Use it frequently (within the last 6 months)
2) Maybe Pile –  It matches an outfit perfectly that I have worn in the last year and the outfit fits me
3) Donate – I haven’t used it in over a year. (or ebay, Craigs list)
4) Trash – Not in good enough shape to use or donate

I think they are all self explanatory except the “Maybe Pile”.  I want you to go through your maybe pile and only pick out the purses that you WILL be sure to use in the next 6 months.

Now.. you may be saying, “But Sandy, no way! I paid WAY too much for that handbag to just donate it!” Then sell it on ebay or Craig’s list, or a resale store. But give yourself a date to do that by, don’t just throw them in your closet and think you will do it later (because we both know you won’t)

It may be hard, but be realistic, how many purses do you really need to keep? They are more than likely taking up space that you could use in your closet.

I want you to note which bags you use over the next year. I bet it is only a couple.

If you HAVE to buy another purse, then decide which purse you are going to get rid of. One in… One out!

How To Organize Your Remaining Purses

The Closet Purse Hanger – These are basically “S” hooks. You can put several purses on one hook. I also use these for belts. They work great.  They are different from your standard “S” hook because they are twisted so they hold your purse correctly in your closet.  (update 11/2012 I’m unable to find this product. Here is a purse hanger that looks similar

purse hanger 4
You can see a closer view here.
purse hook 3

Here is another option that I reviewed called Simply Sarah Handy Hold All.
purse hanger 2This has fabric hooks that wrap around your purse to hold it in place.  If you have long straps, you have to wrap them up, so they don’t hang down too long.

purse hanger 1

There are of course many other options:
You can find cardboard bins like this called Park-a-Purse from Park a purse

Be sure to watch for the rest of my posts this week:

Purse Organizing – (Part 1)
Purse Organizing – The pouchee (Part 2)
Purse Organizing – Card Cubby  (Part 3)

I want to see how you organize your purses!! If you link up your purse post to my linky party and it is of how you organize all your purses, I’ll pull a picture and add a link to this post too!

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Organizing Mission Monday

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Thank you to Beth from Plus Size Mommy for taking all her purses out for me to get a picture!

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Disney Social Media Conference – Epcot Day 3

Disney Magic of Healthy Living Evening Event

Today was basically a free day!  There were a couple things planned in the morning if we wanted to sign up. There were three options. There weren’t enough spots for everyone and they were venture that were not including the family.  I had Zippy (my sis for the weekend) here and decided to hang out with her.

We got up and took our time, sitting by the water and relaxing with our coffee at the Grand Floridian in the morning.

Grand Floridian

This is also where we sat and watched fireworks the night before.  It is such a nice view. You can see Cinderella’s castle straight through just above the tree line.

We decided to go to Downtown Disney and explore. I learned how the world of trading pins works.  I had no idea that you can trade any pin for any pin with the Disney staff.

downtown disney

Zippy had fun looking for champagne, wine and martini glasses with Mickey’s on them.  It may have even started a new idea for her blog Champagne Living, you’ll just have to read it to watch for it.

mickey martini glass

We then took the bus from the Downtown Disney to the Boardwalk. I realized I had never been there before. It was very much a taste of New England, the Cape where I went many times as a kid.
board walk
I thought this made a neat picture

We then hopped on a boat to go over to Epcot.  It is so nice that when you stay in a Disney property you can use all of the transportation to get around Disney without any charges.
They were having the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. The flowers were just beautiful. I can’t imagine trying to keep all these flowers looking so great!

I have to show you a couple more


Check out the blue heron


There were all kinds of figurines made out of flowers around Epcot


We were hot and thirsty! But Zippy and I did plenty of walking today. We then went over to the Disney Magic of Healthy Living dinner.

We walked in a little late to the interview session, so I didn’t know the people who were up front. I did find out that three of the girls were winners of the Disney Magic of Healthy Living contest, there was a Disney Chef and 3 Disney TV stars.


They were up on the stage for a question and answer time with us bloggers.  It was all based on eating and living healthy and how to help our kids to embrace that style of living.

Disney Magic of healthy living One of the things that was said was to make the food pleasing to the kids, to encourage them to eat it.

After the Q&A we were released into a huge room full of tables that looked wonderful.  There was a stage set up.

disney magic of healthy living The tables were all labeled and unfortunately finding tables that were close enough to the stage for the Social Media Moms was nearly impossible.  So we ended up giving up and ended up sitting in one of the back corner tables.disney magic of healthy living The whole idea of what they were doing was great.  I do have to admit that this did not seem like a meal for children.  All the places set were the same.  It looked fantastic for a fancy restaurant you’d go to.

disney magic of healthy living This was geared for kids – they had participated in an outdoor physical activity and had winning teams. At least those kids that were brought in for this contest had. But the Social Media Mom children were also there for dinner.  Believe me when I said there were a LOT of children there!
Here is the menu:
disney magic of healthy living It doesn’t look like a meal for kids to me. But it certainly is healthy!

cous cous
egg roll
I know they were highlighting healthy cooking.  But if doesn’t taste good… kids aren’t going to eat it (and adults can get past the looks more than kids…. but if it doesn’t taste good…. healthy cooking isn’t worth much either)
disney magic of healthy living
I’m going to be perfectly honest, with no offense to the wonderful treatment Disney has given us, but this meal was really not for kids. As an adult I actually ate very little of it, as did most of my table. But our table had a good time.  I was sitting with Zippy, April, Katja and her husband, Lisa and her husband and Danielle and her husband.

This is Lisa with one of her six children.
crazy adventures in parenthood

Katja listening to her son.

Can you believe I didn’t get any pictures of Danielle?  I can’t. I always get pics of my bud Danielle at conferences. She is just too cute! Here is Lisa’s daughter who has had a full day on Daddies shoulder.
disney magic of healthy living
We left there and wanted to find something to eat. I know… not so good, I feel sad that there was so much wasted food between not only the kids, but also the adults.  As good as Disney is at catering to the kids, I feel like they missed the boat on this meal.  Being healthy is one thing, but it has to taste good too.

Zippy, April and I split off and wandered around, trying to decide what to eat.
april atwater

We ended up in the French district of Epcot and went into the bakery right before it closed.  We went from healthy food to very unhealthy food (but oh it tasted good).
We had a nice evening of enjoying the beauty of Epcot, a nice boat ride and bus ride back to the Grand Floridian.

epcotDisney we had a wonderful time!!  Even though I didn’t full appreciate the meal that was prepared, I sure did appreciate all you did for the winners of this contest and for us as Disney Social Media Moms. Thank for for a beautiful evening at Epcot and for working to encourage kids to eat healthy.

I love your comments!

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Purse Organizer – Card Cubby

Card Cubby

Another Product I Found To Help Keep My Purse Organized Is The Card Cubby

When I first saw this I thought it was only to use as a business card organizer. I didn’t need that. Then I realized the full potential of the Card Cubby and I fell in love.

card cubbyDo you have a zillion discount cards, frequent user cards, gift cards, library cards, rewards cards?  We get so many. I had a stack of them in my wallet and I would have to pull out that stack and thumb through them every time I needed one.

card cubbyI found the Card Cubby and realized how wonderful these little alphabetized dividers could be!

If I need my Target gift card I just go to the letter “T” and there it is!

card cubby

It makes it so nice an easy when you are in a store.  Not having to dig through everything and hold up the line, or worse yet, knowing you have that discount or gift card and you can’t find it!

There is a little zipper pocket in the back of the card cubby that you could carry some hidden cash. I like to keep a little sharpie in mine. That way when I have a gift card, I can write the remaining balance on the back of the card. Makes it so easy the next time I need to use it.

card cubby

I keep my Card Cubby right in my purse.  But I know some people who don’t want it in their purses, they just keep it in their car so it is still near by when they need it.

card cubby

It comes in all kinds of fun colors, so it is easy to find down inside your purse.

card cubbyHere are some more of the fun colors:

card cubby

And some more, but you can see them all at my pouchee store that also has my Card Cubbies:

card cubbyI don’t think of this as a good coupon organizer.  You would have to fold the coupons and it really wouldn’t do well for that.  There is a coupon organizer in my pouchee / card cubby store that works great for that.

There is also a front window on the Card Cubby where you can put your business card or a picture.

This product has been a life saver for me and helped me to organize my purse much better, so I wanted to let you in on one of my favorite products.
I do sell the Card Cubby ( I did not invent it and do not make it) in my pouchee store.

**You can also use the discount code “ORGANIZED PURSE” for 10% off of the Card Cubby through March 31, 2011.

Be sure to watch for the rest of my posts this week:

Purse Organizing –  (Part 1)
Purse Organizing – The pouchee (Part 2) *watch for the discount code to order one
Purse Organizing – All those purses

I want to see your purse organizing! If you link up your purse post to my linky party and it is of your purse organizing, I’ll pull a picture and add a link to this post too!

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Organizing Mission Monday

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Purse Organizing – The pouchee

Having A Purse Organizer Can Make It Much Easier To Keep Your Purse Organized

I found the pouchee purse organizer several years ago and liked it so much that I began selling it myself.  There are many purse organizers out there.  I have seen and tried a few other ones.  The problems I have had with those are that they are either too big, bulky and expensive or that they don’t have any handles and they are just pockets that line the inside of your purse. Those tend to fall down and get pushed to the bottom of the purse.

The pouchee has two ring handles. They fold down to stay out of the way.


The handles make it really easy to grab the pouchee and either carry it by itself into a store so that you don’t have to carry your heavy purse on your shoulder or to lift it out of your purse and switch it from purse to purse when you change your outfits.  I don’t do that myself, but I know many of you do switch your handbags often to match what you are wearing.


There are several features to the pouchee that help you to organize your things.

poucheeThere is a divider down the center.  I keep my checkbooks on either side of the liner. I can fit all 3 of my checkbooks into the pouchee.

There is a zipper pocket for change or personal items.


On the other side is another pouch that you can put your money, pictures or papers.


The front has slots for discount cards, business cards etc. You can put a pen where I have it, or a pair of thin glasses fit nicely there too.


The other side of the pouchee has two pockets. Cell phones (Droid X and iphone do fit) There is also a pen slot on this side of it.


You don’t have to have a big purse to use the pouchee.  It works for smaller purses too.  Of course not the really small purses, but compare it to the size of the checkbooks that fit in the pouchee.


It is an awesome way to transfer your essentials if you don’t want to carry a purse and a diaper bag or purse and gym bag. Just pull out your pouchee and put it in your diaper bag or gym bag and you are ready to go.

Again, I don’t make the pouchee, I didn’t invent the pouchee… but I do sell the pouchee it because I love it!

**For my readers I have a special going on only through March 31, 2011. You to my pouchee store. If you add the code “ORGANIZED PURSE” you will receive a 10% discount. Keep in mind that I already have my pouchees priced lower than most other sources. This code will also work for the Card Cubby

Here are a couple other reviews of the pouchee that you can see.

Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons
Monica from Your Life Organized

Be sure to watch for the rest of my posts this week:- (Part 1)

Purse Organizing – Part 1
Purse Organizing – Card Cubby (Part 3)
Purse Organizing – All those purses (Part 4)

How is your purse organizing coming?
I want to see your purse organizing! If you link up your purse post to my linky party and it is of your purse organizing, I’ll pull a picture and add a link to the part 1 Purse Organizing post too!

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Organizing Mission Monday

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Disney Social Media Moms Conference – Day 2

Conference Day 2 at Disney World!

We got some fantastic information from our speakers today, and had a great dinner with dancing afterward at Hollywood Studios Disney Junior. I’ll take you through the day and evening.

disney social media moms

The main portion of the conference was on Friday March 18th – which just happened to be my birthday! It was so much fun to be in Florida, at Disney, with my blogging friends, where it was beautiful sunny and warm… on my birthday! The only negative part was that my own family wasn’t able to be with me at Disney.

We began the morning by walking into this beautifully decorated huge room where the speakers would be.  They even thought to have a power strips at every table! Awesome extra!

disney social media moms

Look how pretty the table arrangement was! You can’t see that the clear castle has a blue light that glows at the base.

disney social media mom conference flowers

The first speaker was Meg Crofton, the President of Walt Disney World

meg Crofton

We also heard from Matt Jacobson, head of marketing for Facebook.  I realized how much more you could do with FB. I’m going to have to work on that. He took loads of questions from us bloggers and admitted that most of the groups he talks to, do not use it the same way we do. He was surprised by a few of the questions asked and didn’t realize some of the issues that we have problems with.  I think he was educated a bit himself.
Matt Jacobson from Facebook

Rene’ Syler was an awesome speaker. She got a standing “O” from us bloggers! She was real, she was inspiring and she has been through the ringer.  This isn’t a great picture of her.  I wish I had gotten her great smile. She had us in stitches and tears.    She has a blog called Good Enough Mother that you should check out.
rene Syler

They had some raffles going on and gave away some Dooney & Bourke Handbags and also a night in Cinderella’s castle!  The Fairy Godmother got to present it to Andrea Deckard from Savings Lifestyle! She got to take 5 other bloggers with her to stay the night. You can read about her experience here.

Fairy Godmother
Fran Capo posed as a blogger before she got on stage. She is the worlds fastest female talker, comedian, author and motivational speaker.
Fran Capo
We had a yummy lunch and when we went back to the room after lunch we had this little cutie gracing each of our seats!
duffy the disney bear

Minnie Mouse Princess Leia dressed and ready for Star Tours – The Adventure! It is coming back to Disney Hollywood Studios on May 20th, 2011.

minnie mouse
Chris Brogan was great as always. I love listening to Chris speak. He has some great insights and just says it like it is.
Chris Brogan

We were served champagne!  That is a different kind of afternoon snack for a mom conference! lol  Probably better than chocolate, because I didn’t drink much champagne, but I would have been up for the chocolate!

We were then treated to Susan Egan who sang most of her speaking time. She has such a beautiful voice. She played Bell in Beauty in the Beast on Broadway for two years and she is also the voice of Meg in Hercules, along with a zillion other roles.
Susan Egan

Also playing and singing with her was Georgia Stitt who is an award winning composer and a lyricist. They had great harmony on some of the songs they sang together.
georgia stitt

The great table center piece they said would go to the blogger at each table who had the closest birthday to today’s date which was March 18th. Guess who?  lol  One fun thing about having a birthday while at a conference.  But – there wasn’t any way I could take this on an airplane!  It just so happened that Amy Hodges at our table was local and she had just been admiring how cool the light up castle was in the arrangement.  So I took a picture to remember it by and gave it to her.
flowers from Disney SM Moms
Then someone at our table suggested we all get our picture taken together.
disney social media moms

From left top: Maria Strong from Saving Queen; Connie Robers from Brain Foggles; Kim Janocko from Crafty Mama of 4; me; April from Simply the Sweet Life Magazine; Amy Hodges from A Million Boxes and in front is Jennifer Leet from The Dirty Shirt

After the conference sessions my roomie Zippy from Champagne Living came! She tried to get into the conference, but like so many others who tried that afternoon, she wasn’t able to get in.  But.. since it ended up that we just couldn’t afford the airfare for the whole family to come, I was able to invite Zippy to stay with me. She got to come as my family member. lol (sis!)
zippy sandlerWe had a wonderful time talking and eating and walking and talking and eating.. lol

Friday night was Hollywood Studios!  All gazillion of the bloggers, mostly with families loaded onto buses and headed out.
disney junior
So many tables were set up. I don’t know the exact number of how many people including families were there… but it was a lot!
junior disney

They had it all set up for the kids.  Lots of food and then they had food set up for the kids. I love how they make sure the kids have food they like to eat.  I snuck over to the kids table to get a cupcake. I figured.. it was my birthday and I wanted to have some birthday cake. lol

I love these pictures of Kim’s  kids.  Doesn’t that just epitomize a kid after a day at Disney?  Tired eyes, blank star, Mickey ears on crooked, eating a Mickey rice krispy treat. lol

Her younger son enjoying his also


The kids all got to dance and have a great time with music and characters

disney junior
With kids trying to see over crowds and having a little help from their dads –
disney junior

To Quatro Mom and Dad from 4tunate feeding their boys.

quatro boys

Everyone loves the characters at Disney
captin hook

And Donald Duck
donald duck

I had to get a picture of Daisy Duck for my step daughter.
daisy duck

And I think this is one of my favorites.  Look at the little girl on the left! Arms spread out, ready for a big hug!  How precious is that?  I love it!
daisy duck

If you happen to know who’s daughter the little girl on the left is, please let me know. I’d like to send them this picture.

Thank you  Disney World, Maria Bailey and Amy Lupold Bair,  and Susan & Janet from 5 Minutes for Mom and all the sponsors.

This trip was heavily sponsored through Disney Social Media Moms, but I did pay the required charge for it and full air fare.

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Purse Organizing

Purses Can Be A Bottomless Pit!

“I know I put it in here?”   “It just has to be here!” “Where are my keys?”  Do any of those sound familiar?

When it comes to purse organization I don’t know if any method can be completely foolproof, unless you are never in a hurry, never just throw something in your purse and always take the time to put everything back perfectly.

I know that isn’t me, and I would bet it also doesn’t include 99% of you! lol

But, purses do not have to be hopeless. There are some really good ways to organize them.  There are many purse organizers out there. I have my favorite and that is what I will show you today when I clean out my purse.

Here is my purse “Before”  Things aren’t where they belong, there are receipts tucked in the sides, etc..

disorganized purse

I use a Butler Bag that I reviewed last year.  I still love it (although I’d like a spring color).  I like having a place for everything in my purse and this helps me do it.

Step 1: Dump everything out of it.

messy purse

Step 2:  Sort it!   (just like you sort anything you organize)

Do you use it?
Do you need it in your purse?
Does it serve a purpose in your purse?

purse organizingThis is pretty much of what I decided to keep.  Not the little buttons, and add in the coupon keeper and make up/medicine bag.

Step 3: Clean It

Then if possible pull out the lining of your purse and clean it.  Even if you are planning to switch out and use your spring purse now and store this (or donate it), you should still clean it thoroughly.  Get out all those cracker crumbs and loose pennies, gum wrappers etc, that get caught down in your purse.

clean your purse

Once you have cleaned it and sorted it, you can start putting things back in. My old pouchee was still in decent shape after a couple of years, but it was dirty and dingy looking.  I could have spent some time working to clean it up, but since I’m spoiled and I sell them, I just went and picked out a new hot pink one. lol


Step 4: Reload it

I’ll be going over my pouchee tomorrow with you in detail and how useful it can be.   I start with putting my newly organized pouchee down in my purse.  I am showing you how you can switch out for a spring purse if you’d like….


But in reality I am still going to use my Butler bag, so my pouchee will go back in it. I also cleaned out this medicine/makeup bag that I use in my purse. I have my ibuprofen, stomach medicine for my hubby, Benadryl, tiny sewing kit, Shout stain remover, etc.. in here.  I did clean out some things I didn’t need or that were expired.

medicine bag

Then I put things back in the slots I like them in. I keep my frequent user cards and gift cards in the lime green Card Cubby (which I’ll show you later this week) also hand lotion, gum, a phone battery charger and a little multi tool in this side.

purse organization

My husband calls my purse, “Your bag of many wonders”.  lol   I have my coupon holder (black long thin thing, a note pad, sun glasses, extra reading glasses, my medicine bag (off to left) my flip video camera, a high lighter, lipstick, pen.

purse organizing

That is one thing I really like about this purse, it has all the separated pockets.  Before this I have always looked for a purse with organizing pockets in it.  So that things can have their own places.

Designer purses are not important to me.  What is important to me is finding a purse that is usable and that has organization stamped all over it!

I then tuck my pouchee down in on the side. It has my three (yes…  one for joint account, one for my son’s support account and one for my business account) checkbooks, money, pen and my phone fits in it too.  Then my keys usually tuck down in the space to the right of my pouchee so I can find them easily.

organized purse

Keeping your purse organized doesn’t have to be hard if everything has a place.  Rather it is this purse organizer (pouchee) or another one, they are very handy and I do encourage you to try one.  Also using things like the Card Cubby or a little bag like I have my medicine in also helps to categorize and organize things.

Be sure to watch for the rest of my posts this week:

Purse Organizing – The pouchee (Part 2) *watch for the discount code to order one
Purse Organizing – Card Cubby (Part 3) *watch for the discount code to order one
Purse Organizing – All those purses (Part 4)

See my Readers purse organizing posts.

Randomly Robyn: Purse Purging

randomly robyn

Robyn also posted how she is organizing all her purses now.  She is using a sweater storage hanger.

Randomly Robyn purses

Good Enough Mommy: Healthy Back Bag

Good Enough Mommy

I want to see your purse organizing!  If you link up your purse post to my linky party and it is of your purse organizing, I’ll pull a picture and add a link to this post too!

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I’m linking up to these blogs:

A Snob Comes Clean

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Organizing Mission Monday – Link Party Week 14

Organizing Your Purses for Spring!

organizing mission Monday

Are you ready  to take everything out of your purse and do a “Spring Clean” on it?  That is what we’ll be working on this week.  Watch tomorrow as I do the run down. So start thinking about those purse clean outs.

purse clean out

But today for Organizing Mission Monday link party I want to show you some of what I thought was really cool from last week.

See  My Featured Bloggers For This Week.

Check out how Susan from Homeroad took this board.


And turned it into this memo board with junk (as she calls it) from around her house.

homeroadSee how she does it in her post called Junky Old Memo Board.

Stephanie from Create Order worked on her linen closet, dresser drawers, under her sink and pantry in her post.

create order linen closetShe also organized her medications and other products in this clear bins. Love this.

linen closetBe sure to stop by and see the rest of what she organized on her Create Order: Days 4,5,6 and 7 post.

Melissa at Juice Box Dreams organized her daughters huge assortment of hair ribbons using an clear shoe organizer.

ribbon holderShe organized by season and colors.

juice box dreams ribbon holderYou can see the rest of Melissas post called The Trouble with Tribbles or How To Contain 1,750,001 Hair Bows

I also featured those bloggers who posted their medicine cabinet reorganization posts at the end of my Organizing Medicine Cabinet Part 1 post. Stop by and see those too! You all are also welcome to pick up my Featured button for your blog!

Be sure to stop by both of my featured bloggers today and give them some “comment love”

For those of you who were featured this week, please pick up your button (code below the button) for your blog!

Organizing Mission Monday

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But this week I encourage you to start working on your purses! I will be having a blog post tomorrow on how I did that, so be watching!!

Organizing Mission Monday

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Shopping Saturday – Pottery Barn Entryway Organizer

Wouldn’t It Be Cool To Have This In Your Hallway?

Pottery Barn

A seat in the middle to put on and take off your shoes?  Love the baskets on top for hats and mittens. This is the Brady 5-Piece Entryway System from Pottery Barn.

Of course I don’t have the room in my home to have this. I really have no hallway, and I don’t have a mud room.  However, I am going to be making a mini one of these in my garage once we get our shed.  But Dave will be building it  (I also couldn’t afford this one)

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Be Prepared for Illness

March 18, 2011 by  
Filed under Blog, Family & Friends, Health & Safety

Take Care of Those You Love!


It’s sure no fun to be deathly ill and realize you have to go to the store to get medicine for your child because they are sick too and don’t have any fever reducer for them.

I recommend that you have certain over the counter medications always on hand. Of course these are just my recommendations as a mom and pediatric nurse – this is not Doctor recommended, just Sandy recommended.

Prevention is your best defense – Good hand washing, good nutrition, vitamins, exercise


What To Put In Your “I’m Ready Kit”

1) Vaporizer – Warm or cool mist for coughs and congestion
2) Ibuprofen – (like Advil) Fever, pain, inflammation.
3) Antihistamine – (like Benadryl) Allergic reactions
4) Cough Medicine – (honey also works for kids). As age recommend by your Doctor
5) Congestion Medication
6) Antidiarrheal – adults only (children to use dietary measures)
7) Laxative – adults only (children to use dietary measures)
8) Pedialyte – to hydrate your child to prevent dehydration.
9) Tissues
10) Disinfectant
11) Plenty of Soap and Water

Send a Care Package To Someone You Love!

I put together a package to send my two boys while they are in the Army. They both just went  to boot camp at Fort Sills and graduated last month. They are now in San Antonio learning to become lab techs for the National Guard. I’m not allowed to send them care packages!

army graduation

It drove me crazy while they were in boot camp that I wasn’t able to help them when they were ill.  Drew on the left had problems with sinus infection, cough, cold and shin splints.  Joe on the right had a back and ankle injury during his 12 weeks.

I had so much fun picking out what I thought would really benefit them.  I got duplicates of everything I bought since they are in different rooms.

I got them some items for prevention.  I got the Centrum multi vitamins along with extra Vitamin C and Acai berry chews.  The Chap Stick is to help protect their lips since they are in TX where it is sunny and dry.

chap stick

I’m a firm believer in Ibuprofen.  It brings fevers down faster than acetaminophen (Tylenol). It gives better pain relief and it also has an anti-inflammatory that the acetaminophen does not. So both boys got some Advil for sure!

advilI also wanted to be sure to get them something for congestion relief, sinus headaches etc..  So I go them this Advil congestion.   Before you get any combination OTC medication such as this – be sure if you are going to give it to your children (or yourself) that you realize what medications are in it.  This one has ibuprofen already in it, so you wouldn’t want to take extra ibuprofen. That is the main reasons Doctors discourage the combination meds for children. Some parents aren’t careful or don’t realize and they end up giving double doses of medications.

advil congestionI also bought a whole bunch more for them!

medsand also

medsBut I also got them goodies! I didn’t bake them anything on this first care package. I wanted to get them the things that I thought they could really use.

care package

I packed it all up for them

care package

Doesn’t that look fun?  They are going to love it!  I’ll be you that they never take vitamins on their own! Hopefully they won’t need any of the other over the counter medications I got them, but chances are that they will!

What a great idea for service men or woman, college students, shut ins or your newly married children!

What are some of the things you put in your “I’m Ready Kit” at your house?  Have you ever thought of sending over the counter medications or supplies as a care package to someone you love?

Check out my other posts from this series:

Part 1 – Organize Your Medicine Cabinet
Part 2 – Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet – Expired Meds
Part 3 – Disposing of Your Expired or Unused Medications
How is your medicine cabinet coming this week? Have you organized it yet? This link party is open until next week, so feel free to keep working on it! Then link it up to Organizing Mission Monday Link Party

Organizing Mission Monday

I LOVE your comments!

The pictures I used were part of a shop I did with Collective Bias for my boys. I was so excited to send them this care package while they are in training for the Army. This is not a sponsored post, nor was I required to do it. I am the campaign lead for the Over The Counter group with Collective Bias. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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Disney Social Media Moms Conference

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the most sought after conference of the year. The Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Disney World!

Mickey and MinnieI wanted to bring the family in the worse way this year. But after doing the finances and seeing what it would cost us all to fly here, and eat and stay at least 1 more night (in a less extravagant hotel), we realized we just couldn’t swing it. Ugh!

So I came by myself and Zippy Sandler from Champagne Living is going to meet me here tomorrow and have fun with me and the rest of the gang.

I got in today (March 17th) and came to the Grand Floridian Resort. omg! This place is beauuuttiiful!

Grand FloridianThis has always been one that I have seen when I have been to Disney and thought to myself, wow…. I’d love to stay there!  lol (yippee!)

Look at the view from my room!

Then out on the balcony

Grand Floridian

I got a short nap in, but long enough to miss the beginning welcome reception that took place before the presentation.

Off to the Wedding Pavilion I went.  We were given Minnie Bride Ears (loved that!) and got to go into the place where Disney Magical Dream Weddings take place.

wedding pavilionThere were brides everywhere!

wedding bride

We got to hear the Vice President of Alfred Angelo Wedding Dresses; Michael Shettel speak.  Then we got to see the new Cinderella inspired wedding gown. (although because of where I was sitting, I didn’t get any good shots of the dress.

alfredo angelo dress

Look at all the cameras us Social Media Moms have! lol

Walking back with Michael Shettel

michael shettelWe got to hear from Carley Roney from and we also got to see and hear David Tutera from a show called My Fair Wedding. (I’m going to have to find that and watch it now!)

Then we got to witness a vow renewal from a couple that was married here 2 years ago.  She had always wanted a Disney wedding in this chapel ever since she was a girl and saw it looking down from the monorail.

But it wasn’t just any wedding vow renewal. This was a “flashmob” kind of wedding, with dancing down the aisle!

flashmob wedding

Here comes the bride


It was fun watching a real life wedding.

disney wedding

What I loved was the Cinderella carriage picking them up. How cool!

cinderella carriage

Wouldn’t this be fun?

cinderella carriage

Here they go (after fireworks as they came out of the pavilion)

disney wedding

This event was being run my Fronk the Wedding planner and his assistant


Then we were off to dinner on the Grand Floridian lawn.  It was so beautiful there. The families were invited to this event.

disney social media moms

So guess who was there for them to see and take pictures with? And those of us who didn’t get to bring our kids…. got to be kids too!

Sandy Jenney with Mickey Mouse

I took this picture of Goofy for my Z. He likes Goofy!


Kim @craftyMamaof4 and I

crafty mama of 4 and Organizer SandyHere were just a couple pictures I took of the table decorations.

roseThey were just so pretty

flowersThanks so much Grand Floridian for hosting such a wonderful event!

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Disposing of Expired or Unused Medications

Guidelines for Safe Disposal of Expired or Unused Medications

Now that you have separated out all those expired medications from your medicine cabinets, what do you do with them?  Do you just pitch them in the trash can or down the toilet? Do you have to take them some place special, because that is a pain and no one wants to have to do that.


There are guidelines that are recommended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for safe disposal of medication. See the FDA guidelines for safe disposal of medicine

* Check the bottle itself and see if there are guidelines there as to how to dispose of the medication. If it isn’t on
the bottle, you can check the enclosed information sheet if you still have it or you can check the web site.

* Most medications can be thrown in the trash. Take them out of their original containers. Put them into a plastic bag with something make them undesirable to animals and small children such as coffee grounds or kitty litter.  Seal the bag and throw it in the trash can (where animals or children can not get to it)

medicines in coffee

Be sure before you throw away a prescription bottle, to either scratch out your personal information or take off the label and shred the label.

prescription label

* There are some medications that should still be flushed down the sink or toilet according to the FDA. They are mostly medications that could cause real harm to children or animals if found and consumed.  The FDA is aware that there is concern over trace amounts of medications being found in the water. They feel this is more from people who excrete medications and that the medications going down the toilet are still the safest alternative.

See drugs that the FDA recommends Flushing down the sink or toilet here.

There are also some communities that have a “take back” program.  You can check within your own community for such a program. They have safe methods for disposing of the medications for you.

Be sure to use precaution when disposing of your medications!

Check out my other posts from this series:
Part 1 – Organize Your Medicine Cabinet
Part 2 – Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet – Expired Meds
Part 4 – Be Prepared for Illness

Your mission is to Organize YOUR medicine cabinets! I want to see them! Be sure to link them up to my Organizing Mission Link party!

Organizing Mission Monday

I LOVE your comments!

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Expired or Unused Medication

I Bet 95% of You Have Expired Meds In Your Medicine Cabinet!

It is just one of those things we don’t think a lot about, until we need it.  Expired medications aren’t usually harmful to you, they are just not as effective. But in some cases, such as severe allergies, having a medication that isn’t is not as affective can be harmful because may be preventing a life threatening reaction.

When you clean out and organize your medicine cabinet, I want you to look at the expiration date of every medication in it. The expiration dates can be in a variety of places.

expiration date

Sometimes they are hard to find.

expiration dateSometimes they are hard to read

expiration date

Don’t forget to check prescription medications too. See.. this one was expired!

expired medsThis one too.

expired meds

Here is my pile of expired medications from the cabinet above my coffee maker.


Here is my pile of expired meds from my two pantry baskets. Pretty bad huh?  But not unusual at all.


Even when some people go in and organize or straighten up their meds, they don’t think about looking for expired medications.

It is a pain to look for the expired meds!!  Trying to search all over the bottle for the expiration date. Then if you can read it without a magnifying glass your also lucky!

So how can we help solve this problem?  Simple!


Get a black sharpie marker and some sticky labels.

As you are organizing, go through each item and if it isn’t expired, you need to put the expiration date on the medication using your sticky labels and sharpie marker.

I had some clear Avery labels and decided to use those.  I first tried just writing directly on the medications label, but it was that slick plastic label and the marker didn’t go on nice, and even once it was dry, I was able to just wipe it off with my finger.  The label it didn’t do that.

When you place your label onto your medication bottle, be sure not to cover up vital information (directions and doses or concentration of the medications)

medicine labelIt is so much easier to see.

expiration date

It is just so simple! Depending on the bottle itself, you can just write directly on the surface if it writes easily and won’t wipe off.


As your medications come into your house from the pharmacy, as you go to put them away, get that sharpie marker (that you have kept right with your medications) and mark the bottles before you put them away.

There are times that the box that has the medication is where you will find the expiration date and it isn’t even on the bottle itself. I didn’t find any like that in my stash, because I don’t save many boxes…. but you won’t have any problem if you label them right away. The simpler you keep it, the more likely you will be to comply and actually keep it up.

But isn’t this much easier to see?

medicineLook at the ones I keep above my coffee maker.

medicineWhen the dates are easy to see, you will be MUCH less likely to have expired medications.

medicineWouldn’t it be nice if the drug companies did this for us?  If they won’t put them large on the bottle and easy to see and to find, wouldn’t it be nice then if they at least provided a sticker or had a surface up near the top of the bottle to make it easier for us to label them ourselves?  I sure think so!

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Your mission is to LABEL your medications with EXPIRATION DATES! I want to see them! You might have another idea that could help us all.. please share it!

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Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

We Often Don’t Think To Organize Our Medicine Cabinets!

Do you remember when the last time you cleaned out your medicine cabinet was?

My medicine cabinet is actually a couple different medicine baskets.  I keep one in the pantry on the top shelf and our more frequently used medications in the cabinet above our coffee maker.

But I was in desperate need of organizing and cleaning our medicine baskets too! Just look what came out of the cabinet above the coffee maker!


This is what the pantry basket looks like.  Oh.. this is bad. (By the way, my pantry has since been organized too and you’ll get to see that before too long.


What a mess!


1) First thing you need to do is pull out all of the medication from the cabinet, basket or where ever you store them.

2) Then you need to clean the area that you have removed the medications from.  Often medicines can be sticky, so there very well might be some sticky residue where the meds were kept.

3) Go through and separate the meds. If you don’t use them or they are expired then you need to get rid of them.
(I will be going over expired meds tomorrow and how to dispose of meds properly the following day)

4) Once you have determined what medications you are keeping, decide where they are being kept.
Is the medicine cabinet/basket out of reach of children and pets?
Is the medicine cabinet/basket accessible to you?

5) Load your medications back in after they have been cleaned off if sticky. If they are infrequently used medications or duplicate medications, then you will want to store those either in the back or in another cabinet if there isn’t room in the main one.

6) Important!!!  I want to bring up a point I just learned about. ( Today’s date is actually April 11, 2011 and I am adding this point in.)  I learned through Jen at I Heart Organizing that medication storage is also very important. She had a guest post on her blog from a Pharmacist.  The Pharmacist noted that medicine cabinets are found in your bathrooms, but you should NOT be keeping your medications in your bathrooms. Why? Because of the humidity in the bathroom. Medications should be kept where it it low humidity and stable temperatures according to Melissa C the Pharmacist. The other thing she mentions is that above the stove or refrigerator is also not good because of the heat that these appliances generate.  Looks like my pantry is the best option. You can read the rest of the post if you go to Jen’s guest post from Melissa the Pharmacist called Medicine Cabinets are NOT for Medicine.

Decide how you want to organize your meds.  You can keep the children’s meds separate from the adult meds. You can keep them separated by individual or by the kind of meds they are.  Since my kids are now older, I don’t have many meds just for kids anymore. So I keep mine separated into most frequently used medications and least used or duplicate medications.


You don’t have to have fancy containers, fancy labels in order to organize your medicine cabinets. If you want to buy or make cute labels and buy nice baskets…. more power to you – but I want you all to know that you can keep things simple.

Tomorrow I will talk about how to handle expired meds and on Thursday I’ll tell you the best way to dispose of your expired or unused medications.

Be sure to see the rest of my series this week:

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See How My Readers Have Organized Their Medicine

I want you all to see this picture.  Linda from Never Boring did a post on her cabinets.  She used clear zipper bags to organize her medicine. Thanks Linda for sharing this with us!

organizing medicine

Robyn from Randomly, Robyn also reorganized her medicine cabinets.  She did two of them, and went through and got rid of her expired meds.  Then she used baskets to organize them. Thanks Robyn!

medicine cabinet

Good Enough Mommy organized her medicine cabinet and one of the things that she added to her method of organization was also writing the name of the medication on the top of the lid.  She uses a basket method like me and it made it easier to see what the med was down in the basket.

Good Enough Mommy

Kia from A View From Here also organized her medicine cabinet. She realized most everything she had was for pain. She also noted that in the UK they do not flush any medication, they are to take it to their GP’s office or a chemist or pharmacist for them to dispose of. (Thanks for that info)

DaNita from Delightful Order always has the cutest organizing ideas.  Check out how she did her medicine cabinets on her post called Moving the Medicine Cabinet.  She is focusing on location of her medicine cabinet.

delightful order meds

Thanks goes to Courtney from Detroit Mommies for inspiring the series this week.

Your mission is to Organize YOUR medicine cabinets!  I want to see them!  Be sure to link them up to my Organizing Mission Link party!

Organizing Mission Monday

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Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 13

It’s Almost Spring! How is Your Spring Cleaning Coming?

organizing mission monday link party I have tacked a few projects myself that I will be sharing posts later with you.  I have so many more lined up, it is just a matter of making the time to do them.  I bet that sounds familiar doesn’t it?   But I am adding the decorating component into my spring cleaning this year.

I am going to be working on my medicine cabinet tomorrow!  So start thinking about how you want to clean yours out!

Featured Bloggers This Week!

Mel from Mama Buzz and Real Heart Prints – Closet & Movie Cabinet

Mel took her closet from this:


closet before

To This!


closet afterSee what all she did by visiting her at Real Heart Prints !  You can also see how she added a shoe mirror onto her door to check out those shoes before you walk out the door.  Then you can get the bonus of seeing her organized movie cabinet also.

Jo from Creative Collage –  Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

I’m am so impressed with this!  Check it out.

Jo’s master bedroom closet:


closet before

Here is her after, but keep in mind, Jo did all of this herself!  She didn’t have a company come in and install it, she didn’t buy it pre-made and install it… she made it ALL herself!


closet afterDidn’t she do an awesome job?   She goes through the tutorial of how she did it on her blog, so be sure to check out The Creative Collage.

Bianca from Walnut Avenue – Office Makeover

Bianca took her office from this:


office before

She had an inspiration picture that you can see on her blog post, but she knew the look she wanted in her office. She said in her post that she isn’t finished with the entire office, but look at the cool arrangement that she has made so far.


office afterShe has really made great use of shelves for her office! I love them.  Be sure to stop by and read her post about her office on her blog Walnut Avenue!

Be sure to stop by both of my featured bloggers today and give them some “comment love”

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Shopping Saturday – Wall Organizers

March 12, 2011 by  
Filed under Blog, Decorating, Sales, Shopping, Stores

This is decorating I love. lol That is an organizer for you – right?


This wall organizer unit it from Pottery Barn. I love it.  White or black, but I have to say I will probably have to find an alternative, as this is out of my price range when you add all the pieces I want together.

Here is another piece that I really like.

Ballards Wall pocketsThese wall pockets are from Ballards. I actually found these after I saw a blog post from Nike from  Knock Off Decor about making them yourselves.  Ok, I’m not that talented!  She does an awesome job.

Actually I am planning on getting something very similar to these as I decorate the house.  The four pocket one from Ballards is a real possibility.  I’ll let you know if I end up getting something like this.

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