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This is another thing we don’t think to clean! (At least me… isn’t this gross?) Check your furnace filter first. More than likely it needs to be changed.   Be sure to check your furnace filter. From what I have read the 1″ filters should be changed every month and 4″ ones are every 3 months. But there is much debate about that.

dirty vent

This doesn’t have to be hard to do. I again suggest making a sink full of hot soapy water. Arm yourself with a Phillips head screw driver and start going to the rooms that have the vents and take them off the wall.

dirty vent

Wash them and use a scrubby brush (but one that isn’t too course, you don’t want to scratch off any pain)

Make sure to dry it well.

Also get a rag and or your vacuum wand and clean inside the area of the vent.
Replace the vent and look how much nicer it looks!

clean vent

There are so many things around our house that get dirty and dusty.  I have a glass candle tube on my mantel and it was filthy too!

cleaning candlesInstead of just dusting it like I normally do… This got a good hot soapy water bath along with all of the rocks inside it .

Now look at the difference just a little soap and water can make!  You can also use a vinegar water mixture instead of soapy water if you’d prefer.


What can you find around your house that you don’t normally think of really cleaning well?

Get that soapy water going again and get a screw driver and tackle those vents.. and then let me know what other items you cleaned for spring!
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7 Responses to “Spring Cleaning – Vents & Accessories”
  1. Roberta says:

    This is one area that we are relentless about…mainly because I don’t like the dust and the allergies that go along with it. This time of year when we are switching over systems…from furnace to air conditioner…it’s really important. We are also on a maintenance plan with our HVAC provider because an ounce of prevention is worth every penny when it comes to maintaining your systems.

  2. Sandy says:

    Yes! Mine was terrible. I’m so embarrassed. But… its real. lol

  3. Gilda says:

    I wonder, could you throw both of these items and run them through your dishwasher (sans dishes of course)? There’s probably numerous glass and metal items that could use a good scrub, but that you might not want to spend the time individually cleaning.

  4. Denyse says:

    We change our vents too and clean them…I don’t think it helps much with the dust…I can’t believe how dusty a house gets especially when windows and doors stay closed…gets my allergies every time!!!

    But, you did remind me they need done again, thanks!!!!


  5. Sandy says:

    I know! It is amazing isn’t it? Do you have dogs? I think my 2 dogs are a big cause.

  6. Sandy says:

    I bet you could.. but I don’t think you would get as much stuff off of them. With those little slats…. it takes more detail work than you’d think to get it all.

  7. don’t things get SO dusty no matter how often you clean and dust? lol!

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