Be Prepared for Illness

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Take Care of Those You Love!


It’s sure no fun to be deathly ill and realize you have to go to the store to get medicine for your child because they are sick too and don’t have any fever reducer for them.

I recommend that you have certain over the counter medications always on hand. Of course these are just my recommendations as a mom and pediatric nurse – this is not Doctor recommended, just Sandy recommended.

Prevention is your best defense – Good hand washing, good nutrition, vitamins, exercise


What To Put In Your “I’m Ready Kit”

1) Vaporizer – Warm or cool mist for coughs and congestion
2) Ibuprofen – (like Advil) Fever, pain, inflammation.
3) Antihistamine – (like Benadryl) Allergic reactions
4) Cough Medicine – (honey also works for kids). As age recommend by your Doctor
5) Congestion Medication
6) Antidiarrheal – adults only (children to use dietary measures)
7) Laxative – adults only (children to use dietary measures)
8) Pedialyte – to hydrate your child to prevent dehydration.
9) Tissues
10) Disinfectant
11) Plenty of Soap and Water

Send a Care Package To Someone You Love!

I put together a package to send my two boys while they are in the Army. They both just went  to boot camp at Fort Sills and graduated last month. They are now in San Antonio learning to become lab techs for the National Guard. I’m not allowed to send them care packages!

army graduation

It drove me crazy while they were in boot camp that I wasn’t able to help them when they were ill.  Drew on the left had problems with sinus infection, cough, cold and shin splints.  Joe on the right had a back and ankle injury during his 12 weeks.

I had so much fun picking out what I thought would really benefit them.  I got duplicates of everything I bought since they are in different rooms.

I got them some items for prevention.  I got the Centrum multi vitamins along with extra Vitamin C and Acai berry chews.  The Chap Stick is to help protect their lips since they are in TX where it is sunny and dry.

chap stick

I’m a firm believer in Ibuprofen.  It brings fevers down faster than acetaminophen (Tylenol). It gives better pain relief and it also has an anti-inflammatory that the acetaminophen does not. So both boys got some Advil for sure!

advilI also wanted to be sure to get them something for congestion relief, sinus headaches etc..  So I go them this Advil congestion.   Before you get any combination OTC medication such as this – be sure if you are going to give it to your children (or yourself) that you realize what medications are in it.  This one has ibuprofen already in it, so you wouldn’t want to take extra ibuprofen. That is the main reasons Doctors discourage the combination meds for children. Some parents aren’t careful or don’t realize and they end up giving double doses of medications.

advil congestionI also bought a whole bunch more for them!

medsand also

medsBut I also got them goodies! I didn’t bake them anything on this first care package. I wanted to get them the things that I thought they could really use.

care package

I packed it all up for them

care package

Doesn’t that look fun?  They are going to love it!  I’ll be you that they never take vitamins on their own! Hopefully they won’t need any of the other over the counter medications I got them, but chances are that they will!

What a great idea for service men or woman, college students, shut ins or your newly married children!

What are some of the things you put in your “I’m Ready Kit” at your house?  Have you ever thought of sending over the counter medications or supplies as a care package to someone you love?

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I LOVE your comments!

The pictures I used were part of a shop I did with Collective Bias for my boys. I was so excited to send them this care package while they are in training for the Army. This is not a sponsored post, nor was I required to do it. I am the campaign lead for the Over The Counter group with Collective Bias. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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4 Responses to “Be Prepared for Illness”
  1. Robyn :) says:

    There is nothing like a care package for someone in the military :) Yours for your boys is awesome!

  2. Oh, you are such a good Mom! Boys are tough to get to take anything like that on their own – my hubby is like that, can’t get him to take vitamins for anything! But, they sure will know you care about them! How fun for them, too!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks Robyn. They were thrilled.

  4. Sandy says:

    Thank you Becky!

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