Disney Social Media Conference – Epcot Day 3

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Disney Magic of Healthy Living Evening Event

Today was basically a free day!  There were a couple things planned in the morning if we wanted to sign up. There were three options. There weren’t enough spots for everyone and they were venture that were not including the family.  I had Zippy (my sis for the weekend) here and decided to hang out with her.

We got up and took our time, sitting by the water and relaxing with our coffee at the Grand Floridian in the morning.

Grand Floridian

This is also where we sat and watched fireworks the night before.  It is such a nice view. You can see Cinderella’s castle straight through just above the tree line.

We decided to go to Downtown Disney and explore. I learned how the world of trading pins works.  I had no idea that you can trade any pin for any pin with the Disney staff.

downtown disney

Zippy had fun looking for champagne, wine and martini glasses with Mickey’s on them.  It may have even started a new idea for her blog Champagne Living, you’ll just have to read it to watch for it.

mickey martini glass

We then took the bus from the Downtown Disney to the Boardwalk. I realized I had never been there before. It was very much a taste of New England, the Cape where I went many times as a kid.
board walk
I thought this made a neat picture

We then hopped on a boat to go over to Epcot.  It is so nice that when you stay in a Disney property you can use all of the transportation to get around Disney without any charges.
They were having the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. The flowers were just beautiful. I can’t imagine trying to keep all these flowers looking so great!

I have to show you a couple more


Check out the blue heron


There were all kinds of figurines made out of flowers around Epcot


We were hot and thirsty! But Zippy and I did plenty of walking today. We then went over to the Disney Magic of Healthy Living dinner.

We walked in a little late to the interview session, so I didn’t know the people who were up front. I did find out that three of the girls were winners of the Disney Magic of Healthy Living contest, there was a Disney Chef and 3 Disney TV stars.


They were up on the stage for a question and answer time with us bloggers.  It was all based on eating and living healthy and how to help our kids to embrace that style of living.

Disney Magic of healthy living One of the things that was said was to make the food pleasing to the kids, to encourage them to eat it.

After the Q&A we were released into a huge room full of tables that looked wonderful.  There was a stage set up.

disney magic of healthy living The tables were all labeled and unfortunately finding tables that were close enough to the stage for the Social Media Moms was nearly impossible.  So we ended up giving up and ended up sitting in one of the back corner tables.disney magic of healthy living The whole idea of what they were doing was great.  I do have to admit that this did not seem like a meal for children.  All the places set were the same.  It looked fantastic for a fancy restaurant you’d go to.

disney magic of healthy living This was geared for kids – they had participated in an outdoor physical activity and had winning teams. At least those kids that were brought in for this contest had. But the Social Media Mom children were also there for dinner.  Believe me when I said there were a LOT of children there!
Here is the menu:
disney magic of healthy living It doesn’t look like a meal for kids to me. But it certainly is healthy!

cous cous
egg roll
I know they were highlighting healthy cooking.  But if doesn’t taste good… kids aren’t going to eat it (and adults can get past the looks more than kids…. but if it doesn’t taste good…. healthy cooking isn’t worth much either)
disney magic of healthy living
I’m going to be perfectly honest, with no offense to the wonderful treatment Disney has given us, but this meal was really not for kids. As an adult I actually ate very little of it, as did most of my table. But our table had a good time.  I was sitting with Zippy, April, Katja and her husband, Lisa and her husband and Danielle and her husband.

This is Lisa with one of her six children.
crazy adventures in parenthood

Katja listening to her son.

Can you believe I didn’t get any pictures of Danielle?  I can’t. I always get pics of my bud Danielle at conferences. She is just too cute! Here is Lisa’s daughter who has had a full day on Daddies shoulder.
disney magic of healthy living
We left there and wanted to find something to eat. I know… not so good, I feel sad that there was so much wasted food between not only the kids, but also the adults.  As good as Disney is at catering to the kids, I feel like they missed the boat on this meal.  Being healthy is one thing, but it has to taste good too.

Zippy, April and I split off and wandered around, trying to decide what to eat.
april atwater

We ended up in the French district of Epcot and went into the bakery right before it closed.  We went from healthy food to very unhealthy food (but oh it tasted good).
We had a nice evening of enjoying the beauty of Epcot, a nice boat ride and bus ride back to the Grand Floridian.

epcotDisney we had a wonderful time!!  Even though I didn’t full appreciate the meal that was prepared, I sure did appreciate all you did for the winners of this contest and for us as Disney Social Media Moms. Thank for for a beautiful evening at Epcot and for working to encourage kids to eat healthy.

I love your comments!

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4 Responses to “Disney Social Media Conference – Epcot Day 3”
  1. Kathleen W. says:

    I agree about the meal. My son wouldn’t touch it, though he is a really picky eater. It was beautifully presented, but I wasn’t even that fond of it (and I’m pregnant and will devour nearly everything!).

    I also wish that there was more of a closing thing for the conference, just some remarks to our group or something.

  2. You take such wonderful pictures!! It was SO much fun to sit with you and spend time with you! :) And yet, I wish it were MORE! Think they’ll let us go back? :)

  3. Sandy says:

    yes.. that would have been nice. But I think we were just the “add ons” for the event. But it was still nice to be added on and to get to experience it!

  4. Sandy says:

    I’m sure they will if we just ask! lol

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