Organizing the Freezer

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How Does Organizing Your Freezer & Chris Mann Go In The Same Post?

You’ll See…

Now that we have the refrigerator finished…. of course the freeze is next.

I did it at the same time as the refrig, but the post would have been too long! lol

Here is my little freezer!  Messy…. and packed.


The top is usually the family food and if I have food just for me, example Lean Cuisine then I put them on the bottom.


Here is the bottom shelf


Here is the freezer door.  Frozen veggies, baking soda that is past it’s date.

freezer door

You know what we do next don’t you?

Take everything out!

freezer food

You need to go through and see what has freezer burn or something that you know you know you won’t eat.

Here is the empty…. dirty freezer


You can take the self out, but the top shelf wasn’t so bad… so I just wiped it down and got some good soapy water to clean out the bottom.

Also clean out the door.

freezer door

I realized that I didn’t take any pictures of the clean empty freezer…. Oh well..

Time Out for a Chris Mann Commercial Break!!

Because he sings so freakin awesome I wanted to tell you all!

Ok… just a side note for all of you.  I have been listening to Chris Mann sing live on his #MannChat while I worked on this post. So I wanted to tell you about him.  If you don’t know who he is… omg.. you should.  Awesome singer.  He is one of the Warblers on Glee…. he just sang the theme song to that Lifetime show – A Beautiful Life on Lifetime about the solider who died.  He is also an awesome friend to a lot of bloggers.  He came to Blissdom 09 and sang for us and has been to several other events we have been at. He is always nice, poses for all the pictures we ask him to also. lol   The last time I got to see Chris was in NYC at Blogher. We had invited him to sing at a function that ended up getting canceled. But he ended up coming up to our small room party with about 15 ladies. Sang Happy Birthday To Courtney (@courtneydetroit) and just being the sweet self he is.  So here are some links to check him out yourself and you can become a Mann Fan!  Tell him I sent you if you stop by!

Chris Mann – Web Page and blog

Here is my last pic with him… of course I look like crapoloa…. but…he still looks hot as ever. Yeah… I can say that even though I’m old enough to be his mom (and I’ve talked to his mom too online) … cuz I’m not blind you know!

chris Mann

This post has been sponsored by me!  No… I didn’t get sponsored to say or post any of that. I just wanted to.

Ok… let’s get back to the freezer (boring stuff now huh? lol)  Chris…. has your freezer been cleaned out recently? #justsayin..

Back to your regular programing…

Oh yeah.. the Freezer –

Reassemble Your Freezer – Like with Like

I again decided to use these plastic baskets I found in the freezer too.

I put the meats in the top basket.. and see – you can pull it out and down and see what is in the back of your freezer!  I know this looks funny…. but I’m tipping it down so you can see in it.


The lower one has frozen fruit in it. I also put my cool whip in there, because I like it on my fruit.


I put a few things in my door.  The frozen vegetables and also my bag of cut up onions.  When I cut part of one for a recipe… I finish cutting it, or even if I have them and get all the yucky stuff out of the way at one time.  Then I separate it into 1/2 cup servings into little freezer bags…. take all those little freezer bags and put them into one big freezer bag. (If it is a really strong onion and I can smell it through that… I’ll put it into another freezer bag!)   Great for when you want to cook something fast that takes onions.

frozen onions

Then I opened up a new box of baking soda

baking soda

Took off the lid and put it in my freezer.  I put the date on it so that I’d know when 3 months was up and to change it again (unlike I did on the last one that was in there)

baking soda in the freezer

Now I want to see YOUR Freezers! I also want to know how many of you checked out Chris Mann’s music!
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2 Responses to “Organizing the Freezer”
  1. Robyn :) says:

    Your freezer is the exact same style as mine! I still need to organize it. I need a couple baskets or containers first. Looks like a trip to Dollar Tree is in order!

  2. Great tips!!! the baskets in the freezer look great, too! Stuff can get lost back there, lol!

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