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More Uses in Your Pantry

Once I got the Command Hooks from 3M out and used them for storing under the sink items, I started thinking of other areas I could use them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not so good with a drill.  I will just hammer in a nail anywhere. I’ll look for a stud… but if it isn’t where I want the item to go…. so be it. (no stud)

These little hooks give me some freedom (and no…this is not a review, I didn’t get these from 3M and no one is asking me to write this….)  to hang away!

Here is another view of my pantry… and I have added a couple of things.  See the wire rack with the vegetable sprays and salad dressings?

That is new…. I didn’t have a drill….. but I did have 3M Command Hooks. (I feel like they are a super hero or something!… there is an idea for you 3M…. the Command Hook super hero….comes to the rescue! – I want credit for that one!)
wire rack
The wire rack I got at Old Time Pottery. (Watch for a gift card give away coming from them soon too on my site!!  yippee!!)  It came as a set of 3 different little wire racks like this.
Here is how I hung it.
command hook

Then below I hung the grill tools on them too.
command hooks
command hooks

Previously I had the grill tools on thumbtacks and they would fall out frequently.

command hooks

It has been working great! Love it.

I also used one of them to hang my fly swatters. We live not real far from an egg farm and certain times of the year the flies can get really bad.  (They haven’t been as bad the last couple years as when I first moved here 5 years ago..oh my was that bad!)

fly swatter

This hangs right behind my trash can. So people always know where it is.

command hook I’d love for you to share any uses you can think of or have used some kind of hooks for. It doesn’t have to be the Command hooks… I just think hooks can be so useful!

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9 Responses to “3M Command Hooks”
  1. OneMommy says:

    Love it! I am wanting to start organizing my pantry, and the grill tools are a problem…
    I recently got some 3M hooks to hang my kids’ jackets on. They’re only 3 and 1 1/2 and I know that the hooks will need to move higher as they grow, so 3M was a great idea so we don’t have holes all over the wall…

  2. Sandy says:

    yes… that is a great idea! Thanks

  3. Cindy says:

    I love 3M hooks too and use them for everything. The kids’ backpacks are hung up by the front door, I have a couple for jackets and my purse, one daughter collects clocks and I hung them with the little key hooks (less patching when she decides to relocate them). I also put up my dry erase calendars with them. The poster stickies are really nice too. I hung a door mirror with those (there was ductwork behind the plasterboard so no drilling allowed.) We also put up most of our Christmas decor this way (garland on the stairs).

  4. Sandy says:

    wow….. you are a true command hook queen! lol Thanks!

  5. Carol says:

    I use the command hooks a lot. Walmart usually has a pretty good assortment of sizes & decent prices. I’ve also found them at Big Lots, & they had some big ones in neat colors that I’ve used in my craft room. In that room, I’ve used them down one side of one of my melamine cabinets (just try hammering a nail into that stuff-not gonna happen) to hang current purchases so I remember to use them. I also have them down the side of another such cabinet that’s close to my sewing area, & have hung scissors, tapes, quilting stencils, etc. from those. I use them a lot in my kitchen inside cabinets to hang my apron, or under the sink to hang a wiping rag. I also glue-gunned a large plastic clothespin-type thing on my sink cabinet door to hang my rubber gloves. I’ve even used them to hang some lightweight art & that has worked great. I was glad to see what you did in your pantry as that is the kind of pantry I will have in the new house & will want to utilize every inch of space. I really enjoy your blog with so many wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sandy says:

    Great ideas Carol! I’m going to check out your blog. I didn’t know they had different colored ones. I have seen the pewter and gold bigger hooks. Thanks for some great ideas. When you get into you house, be sure to show me pics of your pantry when your done with it!

  7. Sandy says:

    Oh heck.. I’ve been to your blog!! lol Just went and I’m like.. I know her! lol Thanks

  8. Swan says:

    We love command hooks, too. They’re great in apartment where you’re not allowed to put nails into the wall. We use them for example: for kitchen tools (kitchen scissors etc.) on the backsplash behind the sink. In the bathroom for hand/guest towels and a back scratcher. In another apartment, we didn’t have a good place for the kitchen towel until we put a command hook on the wall. My husband attached a couple of containers to the wooden headboard in the bedroom to hold remote controls…

  9. Sandy says:

    I think they are great for apartments, another area I think of is dorm rooms. I know when I went to college we weren’t allowed to put any nail holes in the walls.

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