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The Periwinkle Adventure Begins

I am going to give you a sneak peak into the beginning of my dining room decorating.  I started off with the paint.

Here’s the deal.  I would have loved a dark taupe.  My husband does not want any shade of what he calls “masking tape”.  Our entire house is that blah light tan neutral color now. Thinking we were going to sell it, we didn’t want to venture into “colors”.

When I thought of a fun color, I remember back about 15 years ago to a friend who had a periwinkle kitchen. It was gorgeous!  I knew the problem would be getting the color right.

I don’t like blues, I love purple, but didn’t want it to be “purple” either.  I wanted periwinkle.

Here is what happened.  I painted it and was really upset… because this is what it looked like.

Purple! ugh! I kept thinking when I was painting it that it would darken up. It did a little.

Looks Purple

periwinkle dining room

My husband was saying, “Well hun, it is appropriate for Easter, should we decorate with chicks and bunnies?”  Of course he was teasing, but I wasn’t in the mood for teasing.

I went and got the paint color chart I used to see if Behr paint messed up when the color matched the Gliddon paint sample.

It is the 2nd one in from the left…. top.  It looks like it matches. But look.. this is the blue page of paints, not purple!

Periwinkle – No light


But then…..

I turned off the dining room light…. and it was periwinkle.  I couldn’t believe the difference just from the light!

Periwinkle – No Light

periwinkle dining room

Look again….  Light on.. (scroll back and forth between these two).  See the difference?

Light on – Purple

periwinkle dining room

So now I am happy. I know I just have to find the right light bulb to take away the “rose” color in the light so that it will take that purple look out.

Does anyone know what kind of light bulb I need to buy so that the light will be more natural and not bring in that rose color?

I am going to be bringing you a couple reviews and giveaways real soon on items I used to help paint this room… so be watching!!

Hint…. Green Toad Pivoting Paint Brush and the Home Right EZ Twist Paint Stick

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6 Responses to “Dining Room Paint”
  1. Crystal says:

    It is a great color. You may not need to change light bulbs, try finding a lamp shade that will take the rose color out- I have used lamp shades on my dining room light and mine is similar to yours. I have found lamp shades at the dollar store and I have seen them at Micheals too. I would only buy one of each color that may take the rose color out and try it before buying them all. Good luck, it also gives you a different approach to your dining room.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks. I am planning on re-doing the chandelier, but I don’t think I want the shades on them. But I will keep that in mind if I can’t get the bulbs to do the trick. Thanks!

  3. SalBug says:

    Try a ‘bright white’ bulb, which so far I have only found at lighting stores.

  4. Sandy says:

    Ok.. thanks Sally

  5. Linda says:

    Panting is such fun…Not! I wanted light blue and ended up with a green blue in my living room.

    Lowes has lots of colored light bulbs to experiment with.

    Love you Blog Sandy. You make me feel normal.

  6. Sandy says:

    Hi Linda! I love that comment, “You make me feel normal”. Thank you! That is one of my goals to make people realize they ARE normal… and so am I. {hugs}

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