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I Need More Help From You

Most of you know I’m not a decorating diva.  My idea of decorating is organizing. lol So, I once again need your help.

You all helped me with ideas for the dining room. Here is a before picture to refresh you.

dining room before

Here is the advice that I got from you that I took:

1) Remove the old lady swag above the window – Done
2) Move the craft cart (you can’t see, but on little wall by this end of the wall.) out.  – Done
3) Move the china cabinet to the corner where the craft cart was. – Done
4) Move the pie safe out – Done
5) Paint the table and chairs so the chairs all match – Going to do.

I painted the room a periwinkle color. I know that many of you think I’m a bit crazy for that move. But I have seen a room that inspired me and I’m going with it.

My plan so far:

1) Paint the top of the table and the seat of the chairs black.
2) Paint the legs of the table (or leave them alone) and backs of all chairs cream
3) Use a combination of black and cream decorations on the walls
4) refinish the chandelier cream, with crystals a cord cover. Here is my inspiration picture for that.

I can’t remember where I found this picture, I didn’t label it like I normally do.  I know it was on a blog and I have searched for it, if anyone knows who’s it is, please let me know so I can give them proper credit.

First question:  Should I use a medallion on the ceiling?  I was going to and I was going to paint it periwinkle, but my sister told me not to paint it.. it wouldn’t look good (and she is a great decorator). But I do like the looks of this one that is the white color. Do you think I should have it and leave it white or cream?  (my ceiling is white)

This is what the room looks like now after painting and before decorating

periwinkle dining room

I bought my Hemnes sofa table at Ikea last weekend.  But…. they didn’t have the black brown color.  They didn’t know when it was coming in, so I purchased the gray color (which I don’t like) and I’m going to paint it black to match the table.  I am going to put this on the far wall, underneath the metal sculpture that is on the wall.  I plan to have an arrangement of things including the metal piece on the wall above it.  hemnes sofa table gray-brownHere are the items I have gathered and want advice on how to use.   The black/brown metal swirl wall decor is just hanging on a big screw that was already there.
dining room decorating items

I was thinking of painting the metal sculpture cream color. Do you like it? Should I use it?

metal sculpture

This is the  basket (I got four of them)  I got to go in the Hemnes table. You can see more of how they look and what the table will look like on my Saturday Shopping post I did on the Ikea table here… when I first saw this table and had no idea how I could use it in my house.

basket from IkeaSee the little lamp?  It is a candle holder. I found it at Old Time Pottery. I thought it was so cute and would bring the crystals from the chandelier (once I do it) together.  It will sit on the Hemnes table.
candle holder from Old Time Pottery

Here are some of the other things I got that I liked.

The black long picture frame has eight places for pictures. I am going to put a picture of each of our kids in there.  Not sure where to hang that yet. I could go above the window or a doorway if I wanted to. Or… it could go long ways top to bottom on a wall.

picture frame
The small wooden mirrors I found at Ikea for just a couple dollars each.  I thought I’d leave the two black and paint the other two cream.  I thought they would somehow work in the wall arrangement on the big wall.


I also have this mirror.  I am not sure if I am going to use it in this room or not.  I also have considered painting it, although I am thinking this one came from my husband’s side.. and he isn’t a fan of covering up nice wood.

What do you think I should do?
wooden mirrorHere is a better picture of the top of it.  I’m kind of thinking it would look good cream color.

wooden mirror

I saw these two black metal shelves at Old Time Pottery and liked them. One is slightly larger than the other. I thought I could leave them the black or paint them. I thought they might work well on one of the smaller side walls. Suggestions? Do you like them? Should they go on a wall by themselves, or should I use them in the main wall decorating arrangement?

metal shelves

It might be easier to see what they look like from this picture:

metal decorator shelf

I also thought I would hang the chore board / schedule board in here for the kids. I painted this frame the cream color to use in here.

communication board

I was thinking it could go on this smaller wall to the right.

dining room The short wall that is next to the kitchen. The wall is larger than it appears in this picture. It is about 36″ across.

Here are the other walls that I need to decorate.  The wall to the left of the main wall, by the window.

dining room decorate

I am planning on cream drapes of some sort, so some of that wall will have cream on it.

Here is my corner china cabinet.  The front door and hallway are to the right of this. The kitchen is to the left.

china cabinet

I also have the wall to the left of the window.

dining room decorate

I am also thinking of getting the initial “J” and painting it cream to use in the main wall arrangement. I like how those look.
Although I like a lot of the decorating ideas that I see with the chalkboard, cream etc… in them – most of them are the older antique look. The wore edges, older decor, shabby chic I think.  I don’t like the antique look. I don’t want the older, or made to look older look.

Here is the room again, to refresh your memory.

dining room decorate

So… help me.  Where do you think things should go? Should I paint them cream or black?

I need you comments and ideas!

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10 Responses to “Dining Room Decorating”
  1. CAS says:

    Sandy, my suggestion (and I’m no expert, believe me) is to go with your gut, first. Next, get your furniture pieces in the spots that you want them (this is usually trial & error). Then lay your wall accessories out on the floor & come up with what looks like a pleasing placement. Or, go one step further & lay your items out on some butcher paper. Trace around them, cut them out, & then tape them to the wall. Sounds a bit tedious, I know; but you are an organizer & this could work well with your personality. It will give you a better idea than just looking at things grouped together on the table. You can redo this as many times as you need before you ever put a nail or hook in the wall. Once you’ve decided on the placement, go ahead & hang the pieces before you paint anything. You’ll have a better feel for what & how you might want to paint or if you even need to paint certain things. Two things I feel strongly about, are the mirror & your chore chart. If the mirror is going in this room, then it needs to be painted. As for the chore chart, I would not put it in the dining room. I think it is more appropriate for the kitchen or a hallway. So there you have it. Like I said, I’m no expert, but I’ve done a lot of decorating over the years & have a real passion for the art of it. Use any or non of my suggestions, it won’t hurt my feelings at all. I just wish you good luck with your room.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks! I really appreciate your input! Your the 2nd person who suggested I not use the chore chart in there…. so to me that is great advice.

  3. It looks like it is coming along! I like your inspiration for the chandelier. I spray painted mine – it used to be brass – and now I have it black and it looks like wrought iron! Here, this is what mine looks like:


    Less is more – and the less stuff you have in there, the more organized and clean it looks :) I think it’s great!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  4. Roberta says:

    Love the color of you room now Sandy…it looks very fresh. I think you should paint the table top with chalk board paint!!! Why not…keep it fun and you could also paint a small medallion either in the seat or on the back of each chair with chalk board pain and the kids will have a blast with “claiming their chairs”. I agree do not put the chore chart in here…it’s too cluttered looking. I’d also paint the chandelier black to match the rod iron scroll piece to bring them together. Don’t paint the medallian any other color than the ceiling color…it’s suppose to look architectural more then decorative. ALSO have you thought about putting small lamp shades on the chandelier? I had one of these once and bought black shades for it and then I didn’t have to paint it at all…food for thought! The brackets that you bought go the other way than you photographed them…they are sconces and the pointed ends go down ;) Definitely paint the mirror white or black and hang it over the buffet area…it will make the room look bigger when you come into the house as seen from the foyer. The SCONCES would look good on one side of the mirror with a few plates on the other side of the mirror. The sconces can hold candles or small ivy plants (live ones please ;). I would place the scroll work above the window and put blinds in the windows for privacy with stackable curtains (that do not close…decorative only) on the side of each window…this makes the room look much bigger and less cluttered. Again…take advantage of the fresh look you’ve created. Another great idea is to use plate racks…they can go on either side of the curtains and hold the small mirrors and more decorative or regular, dinner plates or platters. This also puts less holes in your new walls ;) I just don’t see the need for the large frame…I’d save that for a family room or even above the chore chart in another area. Hope this helps…and I love that you keep on coming back for our opinions…very brave girl…lol Fondly, Roberta

  5. Sandy says:

    Wow Roberta.. Thank you. Great info. I had no idea those were scones! lol I will have to go look at them again. See how knowledgeable I am!

  6. Roberta says:

    You are too cute Sandy ;) So glad I didn’t overwhelm you with my comment. I like the way the mirror top had a scroll effect with the architectual detail and thought it would all tie together if you painted it black to match the buffet as well. Have a great weekend…I’m off to Art & Soul in Hampton Viriginia…woo hoo! Fondly, Roberta

  7. Sandy says:

    Oh no Roberta, you didn’t overwhelm me. I welcome the ideas.

  8. Toni says:

    Sandy, I can come over and help you decorate if you want. Just call me!


  9. Toni says:

    I love the periwinkle. I would keep it! Could you share what brand and shade it is?

    The white is beautiful with it.

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