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Making Our Shed Usable!

This shed was completely bare inside. We didn’t have them put in the lofts because Dave wanted to do them himself. But he didn’t have any other plans for the inside.

That is when he said to me, “Hon, what are your shed plans?”

LOL…. Let me tell you!

He wanted me to give him an entire layout of what I wanted him to do. (No problem!!)


So he went to work.

Why have a shed if all you are going to use it the floor space? There is SO much more space to use! Our shed has the barn roof style, meaning there is usable space up high! It was Amish made, which to me means quality.

Like I mentioned, Dave already had plans for a loft to store things that we don’t need as often.

But I wanted shelves on the far short wall, and peg board on the long wall. I also asked him for some short little shelves between the window and the single door.

shed shelves One of the things that he did was to take the time to make grooves in the back of the shelves. What this created was to keep things from falling down in the crack at the back. Because there are studs you can just take a straight shelf and do it quick… but taking the time to groove them out, really was a nice touch.

building shed shelves

As for the little shelves I mentioned between the window and door, I just meant narrow little shelves between the studs. He went above and beyond there for me too….but this is just the ledge that he made (that I didn’t even ask for) I decided this would be my gardening area! I didn’t get a picture of the finished shelves before I loaded them. Those you have to wait for!

shed shelf

Sometimes I don’t always know what or how I am going to do something. Here is an example.

I wanted something to organize the kids balls, their basketballs, footballs, soccer balls. I went online to see the different options and I didn’t want any of them for the shed. I had an idea in my head…. now I just had to figure out how to do it.

I looked in several different stores, walked up and down the aisles of The Container Store…. and did come up with a solution (you’ll have to keep watching this week)

My suggestion:

1) Look at what is in your garage (or whatever space you are trying to clean out) that you want to go in your shed.
2) Decide on “zones” for your shed.
3) Decide how you can best use the wall space of the shed
4) Decide on how you will accomplish this – BEFORE you start moving things in!!

Note: Your spouse might not have the same views an might be in a mood to have the kids start hauling everything in, when you aren’t ready. This tends to cause great stress to an organizer, if it would happen…. {just sayin’}

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3 Responses to “Shed”
  1. Sandy it looks great! Our other house we had built a shed in our backyard and I loved it! I even dressed it up cute with a window box on the outside. I miss that shed…I bet yours is going to be great!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

    P.S. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. We had our loft built by the Amish. That’s great that Dave was able to build yours. Now, can you post instructions for building and attaching the window box, please? :)

  3. Sandy says:

    No… Dave didn’t build ours. Our was also build by the Amish. But it was completely bare inside. He built all the shelves and lofts inside the shed only.

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