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Tool & Loft Storage

Being able to clear out our garage has been wonderful!!  It enables me to be able to make a mud room (coming in the future) and to not have to worry about the bikes scratching our cars coming in and out.  Having Storage outside the garage in our new shed has meant many changes.   It also enabled Dave to go buy a motorcycle, because now there is room in the garage (ok, so not all the reasons are so great! lol)

Tool Zone

I gave a specific area (back left) to Dave’s tools and equipment. We used the pegboard and I also gave him a space on the bottom shelf that he has some workspace.

tool work shelf

There is a surge protector plug behind the white drawers so when he is working he can bring out the extension cord and plug in his radio and drills, or other equipment.

I labeled the drawers for his equipment.


The shelves above have storage items in them that I labeled.

shed storage

Pegboard for equipment.  The wheel barrow isn’t hung on the proper kind of hook. I was experimenting. We did have the two black hangers full of chairs where the wb is hung.  But I didn’t like them there and found another solution for the chairs. I am going to take those two hangers down and figure out a better way to hang the wheel barrow

shed storage

You will see some more pictures from this area in my video below, but I wanted to get to the loft.


There are three loft areas in the shed.  I haven’t organized them yet and yes that bothers me!  Right now things are just kind of thrown up there.  But I’ll show you just so you can see.  But… there is one thing I did do to organize in the loft, that you’ll see in a minute.

Loft above the kid and fishing zones- This has a heavy hitch hauler that we use only on full family vacation trips. I have to figure out a better solution for that.  The bin has some golf shoes that Dave rarely wears but wants to keep and paint ball equipment of the teens.

shed loft

The side loft is kind of a make shift loft right now. Dave really was just storing lumber and board there while he was building the other two lofts, but it is convenient. The umbrella is up there now because it was left open in a storm and broke one of the hinges. Dave thinks he can repair it. (We’ll see what happens with that)

shed loft

This is the only part of the shed lofts that I am excited about. I had another one of those wire shelves (like I used for the temp bike rack).  We brought it out and it works great for storing the card table chairs and a few extra lawn chairs.

chair storage

Beside that we just have the kiddie pool that we use for the dogs in the summer and my son put the extra roll of garden fence up there, plus the two card tables. Those still have to be stored better.

shed storage

A closer look at my chair storage solution

chair storage
See the whole shed all at once in my video.

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13 Responses to “Shed Storage”
  1. April says:

    Is the chair organizing thing something you bought and repurposed? Or did you make it? Cause that is fantastic! I need something like that!

  2. Sandy says:

    I just thought of it. I didn’t like where I had them hanging (where the wheel barrow is now). I had pulled the other wire shelf up from the basement to use for the bike rack and started thinking of how I could use the other one for the chairs. They fit perfect! I wanted them close to the edge so they would also be able to get down when needed.

  3. Sandy – I LOVE the loft. That is just such a clever way to use that space! I also love pegboard…you must have had a lot of fun organizing that shed. I bet you couldn’t wait to get your hands on it! Looks great!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  4. Sandy says:

    oh … you are right! I had a great time.

  5. Great idea for the chairs! Handy man built our shed last year, and he had fun organizing it (and organizing is usually my thing, lol).

  6. Wow, Sandy, your shed looked like ours. I can’t believe what some paint and shelves can do. Amazing!

  7. OneMommy says:

    I like the idea for storing the lawn chairs. Ours pile around the garage and basement… I started organizing the basement and got sidetracked with a little project for my kids – such a complete disaster. Looking forward to some other good ideas on that!

  8. erin says:

    Love the storage. Do you know the rough dimensions of your shed?

  9. Sandy says:

    Thanks Erin. 10×14′

  10. Hello there ! Thanks for sharing an awesome post.

  11. Sandy says:

    I don’t include hyperlinks to businesses in my comments. Thanks.

  12. Kiara Jayne says:

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  13. You have mentioned each single point that must be considered while making an outdoor shed and which things you can place there to store.

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