High School Graduation

May 25, 2011 by  

I have a son graduating this Saturday.  Tim is the youngest of my four boys.


Here he is in his motorcycle jacket like Dads. I think he was 6 years old in this picture.

timWith two of his brothers at Dave’s farm when he was 11 years old.

timHere he is getting ready to para-sail when he was 14.

And this is my favorite senior picture of him.

So hard to believe he is graduating.  He will be going to school to learn web design! Yeah!!  I sure can’t wait for that!

We aren’t having a formal graduation party. We wasn’t sure he wanted one (he would never let me give him a big birthday party with friends growing up) and our agreement was that since he didn’t have the money for prom (because he spent it going to Florida over spring break) that I would pay for prom, but he would fore go a graduation party. He was thrilled with that plan. But I am still going to made some cupcakes and get a slide show ready (I hope) and invite all that go to his graduation to stop by the house afterward.  Guessing that to be around 15 people I think.

They grow up so fast.


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One Response to “High School Graduation”
  1. Wendy B says:

    Yes they do grow up fast! My youngest is 13 and wants to drive so bad! Jeez…where does the time go?

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