Chandelier Chain Cover Tutorial

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Making a Chain Cover Without Sewing

I knew that I wanted to make a chain cover for my new chandelier makeover, but I didn’t know how to do it. One of my problems is that I don’t have a sewing machine anymore.

chandelierSo… what did I do?  Of course…. I went to the internet to look.  My search came up with “In My Own Style” blog. She had an entire tutorial step by step.

I first wrote down the supplies I was going to need and headed to the store.

I found the fabric I wanted (be careful if it frays easily. Mine really did and I did a lot of clipping of little threads)

What you will need:

1) Fabric – Measure the length of the cord to cover and double it.  (I needed 16″ total in length)  It needs to be 7″ wide.
2) Sticky sided velcro (make sure long enough to go the length of your cord)
3) Fabric glue
4) Needle & thread to match fabric (don’t worry, not much sewing)

Here is how I worked – I took my laptop upstairs to my room and followed what to do …step by step.


1) Heat up your iron
2) Iron your fabric
3) Turn the fabric in 1/4″ on all side. Press as you go.

iron fabric


Get your fabric glue (or you can use iron on fabric adhesive)  This was the only brand that Joann Fabric’s has.

unique stitch4) Then apply a thin coat in between the 1/4″ folded edge. Press lightly and let it dry for a few minutes.

fabric glue

Once it has dried…thread your needle (and use a needle threader if you are as blind as I’ve become for close up work)


5) Make a single stitch the length of the fabric – down each side. This will be going over the 1/4 ” fold. Only use a single thread (don’t double your thread). Knot the starting side.

I kept my stitches about this same size. If you look back behind the needle you can see a couple of the stitches. This worked fine. It is ok to go smaller, but remember you are going to be using this thread to do your gathering. If you want your gathering a little smaller looking, then it might not be a bad idea to make your stitches smaller.

Knot the end side also.

6) Mark the length that you need your chain cover to be.  I laid the tape measure out on my table so I had a guide. I don’t have a fabric board that has nice measurements already on it. (Wish I did for something like this)

chandelier chain cover

7) Take the thread and on one end gently pull it (gathering fabric as you do).  I did a little on one side, then went to the other side. I didn’t want to have one side all gathered up and have them be really uneven.

8) Pull equally on both sides until the fabric measures the length you need.

I held mine up to make sure it looks like it will fit.

chandelier chain cover

I did not get a picture of applying the velcro. I needed all my hands.

Get your Velcro ready to be used.


9) Apply the sticky Velcro carefully along the edges of the fabric right over top the gathers.  I’m going to use one of Diane’s photos from In My Own Style. It helped me to understand that the velcro really would stick to the gathered edges.

In my own styel

Pay attention to what side you are sticking the Velcro to. One has to go on the finished side and one has to go on the unfinished side.  I just rolled the fabric so that it would be right side out and pretended to wrap it around my chain. You can easily tell which side to stick the velcro on when you do this.

10) Clip any loose threads or frays you might still have. Attach the chain cover to the chandelier and position it to best cover the entire chain.

chandelier chain cover

I love how this turned out!

chandelier chain cover

I didn’t have to worry about waiting to get my chandelier back up on the ceiling (once it’s makeover was complete) because I didn’t have my chain cover finished.  Dave hung it back up and I finally got a chance to get to the chain cover yesterday.

It’s especially good if you aren’t making over your entire chandelier, you might just want to make the chain cover.

No sewing machine.. so easy. Just follow the steps. Thanks so much Diane for showing me how to do this!!  I was thinking I was going to have to pay someone to make this for me. Ugh… that would have been dumb.





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  1. april says:

    it looks GREAT!

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