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Refinishing a Sofa Table

I originally wanted the black/brown Ikea Hemnes sofa table. I traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to the Ikea store there (two hour drive) and they were out of the black/brown. ugh.  I had my mind made up that I wanted that sofa table, so I decided to purchase the gray one and I would just paint it.

You can imagine my surprise when I opened the box (a few weeks later) and found it was white. It wouldn’t have been a problem other than the fact that the white cost $20 more. I can’t complain though, at Ikea you pick out the furniture yourself. I did have someone help me, but I didn’t check the box or the receipt.  My first thought was, even though I wanted this black, my dining room accent colors are black and white…. so maybe it will look fine the way it is.

Ikea sofa table

We moved it inside to where it would go, but I didn’t like it.  This is bright white, my Dover white is just a shade off bright… more of a light ivory.

I also decided it would be easier to paint it put together. Anyone recognize this photo from my Guessing Game Post?

Hermes table

If you have never purchased anything from Ikea that has to be put together, you are in for a surprise when you look at the directions.  No words…. only pictures.  Really!

ikea instructions In steps the handy son…

ikea table

ikea table

The reason I wanted it put together first was because if you are painting you are going to want the project off the floor a bit. Otherwise you will have one side always having to lay down on the ground etc.

I had decided that I was going to paint the top, sides and front. I was going to leave the inside of the cubbies white.

I sanded the areas I was going to paint. The sides did not sand very well. I don’t think they were wood at all. I think it was more of a melamine or something maybe.

Then I primed it … and then used the same high gloss black paint that I used on my dining room table.

high gloss black paint

I taped off the edges so that the white wouldn’t get blotches of black on it. This was the first coat.  I used three coats.

ikea table

Then I used the MinWax top coat that I used on the dining room table. I only used it on the top of the sofa table.


I used three coats of this protective coat, sanding in between coats as instructed.

The sides never did turn out great. The paint just didn’t cover well.. what ever that material.  But no one will really see the sides, so I didn’t stress.

ikea sofa tablePicture baskets in the bottom….. You’ll have to wait to see it in my finished dining room….. a few more days.

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  1. Looks great!! I cant wait to see the rest!

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