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Reading Clubs at Your Local Library

The Columbus Library has a program going on starting tomorrow, June 4th.; called Be a Hero – Read

Columbus reading program

Don’t forget to utilize your library! They have great programs for the kids during the summer that are completely free.

We aren’t far from one of the Columbus library branches.  It is where my husband usually gets his books on tape for his daily work commute.  Our library doesn’t have nearly the selection that the Columbus libraries do.  So it is easy for him to take the kids in the evenings if they want to do a run over there.  Last year that participated in both programs.  It really gave them incentive to read even more.

The triplets went yesterday (first day of their summer break) and signed up for the reading program at our library.

reading program

We are lucky because the library is within a bike ride for the kids. They will be going into 5th grade and can follow the rules of the library and go on their own.

My husband has given the kids a daily assignment.  They are to go to the library and read one article from the Columbus Dispatch newspaper.  Then they have to explain to him in the evening what the article was about.

They get credit for the amount of time they read or are read to. (Starts at age 3)


library reading program

They love it!  Now we will have more scenes like this in our house.


My daughter has a girlfriend that loves to read, so she has already told me that they plan on going to the library everyday.  Of course they want to earn the prizes for reading for so long…. so there is added incentive.

kids reading

The libraries also have programs and activities through the week for the kids.  I know our library has a magic show scheduled, they have routine reading time for the younger kids too.

I’m all for that.  A great activity for the kids, that they enjoy… is free… and they are learning at the same time. What could be better? Check out your local library!



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