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Craigslist or eBay? Which should I use?

We have wanted to get an eBay account going for some time.  I am doing some more decluttering and have some great items to get rid of. Imagine that? My hubby has some antiques at his farm that he is going through and he wants to sell those.



I’m hearing some really negative talk about Craigslist lately.  I just read a story about a woman getting robbed at gunpoint at her own home.  She was the seller and this guy came to look at some jewelry she has for sale. I know those situations happen anywhere..with anything. More than likely crimes aren’t any worse than they ever were, they are just getting some media attention.

I’m hearing about job scams on Craigslist. There was even a notice on Craigslist warning of them.

On the other hand, I have several people telling on Facebook that Craigslist is a great way to go.  I don’t have to worry about shipping things, so that is one headache averted. But I won’t be reaching the audience that I would if I were on eBay.



Dave and I have wanted to start an eBay store for awhile.  What seems to always stop us is – how to begin.  I have read a few different things in the last year or so.

There are different opinions about which is the best day to start your bidding and ending your bidding? Who is right? Which is better?

People say the fees are too high. I got onto one of their communication boards the other day to look for some information on how to begin. I read a thread from sellers that weren’t selling anything and they wondered what was up. One person had over 1,000 items in their store and in the last five days had not sold a thing. He said that has never happened to him. They were all saying how terrible their sales had been. So then I think… should I even start one? Someone who doesn’t even really know the ropes? What chance do I have?

Does anyone know of any other ways to sell items that are popular, but don’t cost a huge monthly fee?

Has anyone done a look into just listing items to sell yourself on your blog? Anyone have any luck with that or have you ever seen it?  What would you think of that if you saw items like that in my store or mentioned occasionally  on my blog or sidebar? I wouldn’t be able to do bidding….  good or bad?


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11 Responses to “Craigslist”
  1. Marette Schooler says:

    I have never used craigslist, but it would be good for big items. Just either meet the people elsewhere away from your home, in a public area. Ebay is great. I do auctions only, not a store. Start your bids cheap. All mine start at .99, it’s a risk, but it helps keep your fees down. Also keep the shipping as low as possible, and free if you can. They are rewarding those with free and low shipping with lesser fee costs.

  2. Roberta says:

    Hey Sandy, craigslist is an “area” successful thing. When we downsized twice in Charlotte I had the best luck in Charlotte with craiglist. Then here in Raleigh it’s a dud. I also used a consignment shop for big items that didn’t sell on craigslist and that I didn’t want to move and store…and was very pleased. Again this is an “area” thing because the consignment shop in Charlotte was much more successful than the closest one here in Greensboro. I hated ebay and would never use it even for the smallest of things. If you have items that are on Amazon you can sell your used items on there…we still sell all of our used books/cd’s/dvd’s on their and some electronics that are still good but we’ve upgraded. I prefer craigslist for the freedom of shipping that it offers. Just be smart and do not advertise very expensive things…like jewelry. Household items like furniture and accessories always sell the best and we never had anyone come to the house without two adults home for safety reasons. I never felt weird about it. I also combined yard sales and craigslist together so that I’d get more traffic. Hope this helps. Roberta

  3. Sandy says:

    Marette, if you would do free shipping and not get more than a dollar or two on a bid, aren’t you taking a big risk on losing money? I also didn’t know that you can do auctions only and didn’t have to have a store. See how much I need to learn?

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks Roberta! Greensboro? I have a cousin who lives there. I’ve never been, but have seen pics of her place. I also didn’t know you could use Amazon to sell used things.

  5. OneMommy says:

    I always use Craigslist. I never put my phone number in my post, and when I do get someone really interested I either ask for their number or give my cell number. I also try not to be alone when meeting with them, but really I’ve never felt threatened by any of my buyers. I’ve sold mostly baby items, but also some furniture of my husband’s when we first married, and junk his parents saved for years we don’t want. LOL.

  6. We’ve used Craigslist before, we usally end up selling nearly everything we post on it. Just make sure you know that people are ALWAYS going to try to talk you down!! we go and meet people in a busy, public parking lot at a nearby store that everyone knows. that way, we don’t have people coming to our house.

  7. by the way, can you tell me where you got those cute “Sharing is caring” social media buttons for your blog? I want to add some cute colorful buttons like that, but I’m not sure how…thanks!

  8. Sandy says:

    lol. I asked a friend of mine the same thing. It is the plug in called SexyBookmarks

  9. Hey Sandy!
    I love the new look here!
    Clean, bright and organized ;)
    I started and need to complete a series on How I Sell on eBay on my blog:
    Parts 1, 2, and 3 so far:
    I sell 4 places, actually! etsy (vintage stuff), Craigslist (stuff too big to ship on eBay), eBay (stuff too small to sell on Craigslist ;), and Amazon (books).
    In fact, just listed at all four places today- Mondays are usually my listing days after purging all weekend! (Where DOES all this stuff come from?)
    I haven’t ever felt threatened by anyone coming here to buy from me through CL.
    But I never put my info in the ad, I make them anonymously email me back with their phone #. I also make sure my husband is here, and tell them to call when they are approaching the neighborhood, so I can put my Rottweiler in the laundry room! (I don’t have a dog, but this is what I say–I know I am weird!)
    I also have met people in parking lots ;)
    Hope that helps :)

  10. Sandy says:

    Thank you!! I think I’ve seen your first 3 parts. But I’ll look again. Thank you for the info!! Also.. thank you for the feedback on my new blog makeover.

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