Organization Tips

June 5, 2011 by  

Organizing Tip #1

Like with Like

When you are organizing, keep things that are alike together.

Don’t just fill the space with what ever you have in your pile to be put away.  Sort through and put all like items together.

For instance, keep all the kids games in one spot. Don’t have some of their games in the family room, some in their bedrooms, some in the basement. Have a designated spot for them and keep them together. Then there is only one “go to” spot to look for a specific game they might be trying to find.



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2 Responses to “Organization Tips”
  1. april says:

    This is the one tip I think of most, and the hardest one to DO(well, other than always put it back where it goes, not just “close”! apparently my kids struggle with THAT one, too!).
    I am wondering if a large rubbermaid tub would be good for their games. NOT pretty to look at but definitely better than the boxes and scattered pieces, right?
    Thanks for making me think! Can’t wait to see your dining room! :)

  2. Sandy says:

    I would go with a clear bin if you want to try that for their games. They also have plastic game boxes for individual games, but it would get a bit pricey I think. So you have a book shelf in a playroom or such that you could designate for their games?

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