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Chalkboard Walls, Chalkboard Mini Chest of Drawers, Chalkboard Picture

I got a quart of chalkboard paint and went to town!

chalkboard paint

Chalkboard Drawers

I showed you in the other post how I painted the front of these little drawers with chalkboard paint. I love how it came out.  If you hadn’t seen my dining room makeover post, then you might want to check it out. But I hung this on the wall in my dining room.

chalkboard paint

Chalkboard Picture

I also took the chore board (the bottom one)  and turned it into a chalkboard.

job board 10

Here it is during the process


This is where I used it when I finished with it. It is hanging in my dining room.  I found this saying on a sign at the store and revised it for our blended family.


The first Chalkboard Wall in my house.

Then I took the whole wall that the job board used to hang on….  and chalkboarded that!!

chalkboard wallI hung the new chore board up.  I had planned to use it in my dining room, but was advised not to.

chore board

The kids are loving this wall.

chalkboard wall You can see some of their lovely artwork.

chalkboard artwork

Plus it looks nice in the kitchen

chalkboard wall

But I wasn’t finished yet!

I created a second Chalkboard Wall in my house!

This wall is in the entryway.  Dave walked in while I was in the process and he just saw…. black wall. He thought I was losing it.
chalkboard wall

Our front door is just to the right in this picture.  So this is in the entryway.

This came in really useful for my son’s recent graduation.

chalkboard wall We used the wall as a giant card for everyone to sign as they came in for his graduation party.  I got pictures of all of the messages and he will have this and not have to worry about keeping some big poster or card.

chalkboard wall


chalkboard wall


chalkboard wall


chalkboard wall


chalkboard wall


graduationIt also made a fun backdrop for pictures.

What have you made with chalkboard paint?   It is So fun!

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24 Responses to “Chalkboard Paint”
  1. Rebecca says:

    I have not used the chalk board paint, but I’m considering it for a frame in my daughter’s room. We did do magnet paint…that’s tricky. It required about five coats and you HAVE to use the flat magnets or they just don’t stick.

  2. I have yet to use chalkboard paint so this is a great bunch of ideas for me!! :) Love the new layout and design…I need to get on that as well!! Have a great day!

  3. Love what you’ve done with the chalkboard paint, Sandy…off to look at more crafty goodness on your blog! :)

  4. Sandy says:

    I agree Rebecca. We also tried the magnetic paint in my son’s room. We followed directions, I am thinking it said 3 coats. Very little stick to it. The rep told me there were some special magnets, but I never purchased them.

  5. SarahK says:

    I’m DYING to do one (or seven) of these walls…but we’re trying to move. Would this be an added bonus or will potential buyers turn up their noses?


    Patience isn’t my strong suit.

  6. Sandy says:

    I would say to wait. Spend you time and money in your new house doing it so you can enjoy it. You will also find that they can tend to be a bit messy (tomorrows post)

  7. Roberta says:

    Oh yeah…this stuff is so addictive…lol Don’t you just love it…that you don’t have to yell at the kids about writing on the walls…lol
    I made a magnetic/chalk board wall for my studio wall that goes into the kitchen…then added ledges for putting all my art projects on. I don’t know if you saw it or not…here’s the link. Enjoy!

    Wow…what is up with that link…lol

  8. Melinda says:

    That paint is fun! I did the bottom half of my son’s wall (under a chair railing) when he was about 7, and the kids had so much fun with it. They even would play school and draw on the board. Problem is I used an oil-based which is all there was at the time (9 years ago). Nice to see there is a latex version now.

  9. I’m curious what surfaces are best for chalkboard paint? We have a section of wall that this could be fun for, but it’s kind of textured and I think it’s just paperboard.

  10. Sandy says:

    I am pretty sure they say in the instructions to go with as smooth of a surface as you can. Would you be able to sand it down?

  11. Sandy says:

    yes.. long link Roberta! lol I’ll check it out. Thanks

  12. I used chalkboard paint on a piece of wood backing up to my sandbox outside, against the fence. This way the kids could be as messy as they want with the chalk, and it helps keep the sand in the box. I also cut the top of the board to look like waves, so it was decorative as well as fun and useful for the kids.

  13. Sandy says:

    cool… do you have a picture on your blog? I’m going to come check. If you don’t… then there is a great post idea for you.

  14. Don’t have a picture – but now I think I’ll go take one. Have to use your imagination a bit since the blackboard paint was years ago and I’ve since repainted. (The boys grew up and outgrew chalk)! But the waves are still there!

  15. Leanne says:

    I love chalkboards and chalkboard paint. Thanks for linking to the party.

  16. Great project! Thanks for stopping by to add this to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday party!

  17. Okay – So I went and took a photo of where the outdoor chalkboard used to be – scroll down to the end to see it…..

  18. Helen says:

    I’m always thrilled to see chalkboard walls. When I was a child my father built a playroom in our basement for me and my two sisters. The floor was concrete so we could roller skate down there, and one complete wall was a chalkboard so we could draw to our heart’s content. I am 69 years old so you can see that either this idea has been around for a long time or my father was way ahead of his time. Anyway, I can remember many happy hours drawing on the wall of the playroom.

  19. Sandy says:

    Helen I also remember having a large chalkboard in our basement. It wasn’t chalkboard paint like we have now… but a large chalkboard. I think my dad got it from some office he had at one time. Thanks much for your comment!

  20. Condo Blues says:

    I love chalkboard paint. I painted my kitchen back splash with chalkboard paint as a temporary fix while my husband and I fought over tile options. We like it so much we made it permanent.

    It’s fun to write on the walls and not get into trouble :) Yesterday I wrote “Dinner Machine” above the stove.

  21. Sandy says:

    I’ve thought of that but wonder what grease splatters would do to it.


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