Fathers Day

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Celebrate Your Dad

DadMy Dad will be 81 years old in November. He looks pretty darn good doesn’t he?  Dad has always been there for us.  When we were young, he worked a lot and I don’t remember back to him being a cuddly, playing ball with us in the front yard kind of Dad.  When I think of the fun times I think of our vacations. He loved to swim and would get in the pool with us and toss us in the air. He would play cards with us and he loved to tell stories.  He is still a great story teller.  The other thing I remember is the long car rides. He had songs we would always sing, or he’d make songs up. He would put us on his shoulders and let us touch the ceiling.

Here he is doing it with his granddaughter.  (which we all gasp at when we saw him walk in the room with her up there. There are times he walks with a cane! lol) Of course right after the picture we hear, “Sandy… get her down”  But he loved it and you can see her. I can remember that feeling of being able to touch the ceiling up on his shoulders.  Dad is 6’4″ so you really feel tall when you are up there.


This is how they started out. Something I can’t imagine I would have ever been allowed to do as a kid. (It would mess up the chair)

DadDad was a strict Dad. There was always a right way and a wrong way to do something. Black or White, no gray.  Table manners were and still are a MUST, coasters on the tables are a MUST, keeping things clean and organized… a MUST.

Last year we took Dad to the farm for Fathers Day. He loved it. My sister came into town and we spent the whole day with him.

Fathers Day He rode a 4-wheeler for the first time.  Dave gave him very basic instructions figuring an 80 year old man would certainly know how to ride a 4-wheeler.  There is a pretty good hill just past the trees behind us. Once Dad finally made it back he was cracking up. Said he didn’t know how to slow down and thought he was going to wreck going down. Then when he had to come up we hear the engine giving out because he didn’t downshift. My son ran down to help him. He had a great time, but I’m not sure if he will want to ride it today when we go back to the farm.


Dad walked me down the aisle twice.  He wasn’t too sure when I first told him I was dating a man with three year old triplets back in 2004.  (My youngest was 11) But he loves Dave and thinks he is the best thing I’ve ever had.

This was taken in 2006 at my wedding. I so wish my mom could have met Dave. Dad was totally devoted to her and was by her side for the 7 years she battled cancer. He has since remarried and Patty has been great for him. I think she helps to keep him feeling younger.

Dad at my wedding

I’m blessed to have had such a wonderful Dad and I’m blessed he is still here with me and doing so well. I think it will be cool to write a post when he is 100 years old and I’m ..ugh 71!


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2 Responses to “Fathers Day”
  1. Naomi says:

    Sandy, your wedding photo is stunning! Your dad looks so proud.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Naomi!

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