Organization Tips

June 19, 2011 by  

Organization Tip #3

Label – Label – Label!!

You may think you will remember where you put things. But you will save so much time hunting for things if you use labels.

It is your home. You can decide if you want labels or not.  I remember thinking it was wrong to put labels on my children’s dresser drawers when they were young.  I think my parents would have had a fit if they would see that I was putting some form of tape on a nice wooden dresser.

I worked in a home as a pediatric nurse years ago and she had tape labels on everything. Dresser drawers, cupboards etc.. I loved it!  It was like the “ok” for me to label my boys dressers.  It helped them to remember which drawers to put their clothes in.


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One Response to “Organization Tips”
  1. bigbrainbrent says:

    Great tip! We did/do this for the boys when they are/were younger. Really helps them stay organized. Bonus is it helps with their reading! Amy found some great old fashion tags that she tied to the handles instead of taping. Cheers. b.

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